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"My wife and I had a gorgeous time cruising Halong Bay. Good booking experience and amazing services from your staff".

Love from Australia - Liam

We are Halong Experts

With over 20 years’ experience in tourism and customer services, combined with authentic local insights, we know how to help you make the best of Halong Bay.
Come with us on the cruise of your lifetime.

We bring beautiful Halong to your doorstep.

We are a team of experts with a head for tourism and a heart for Halong Bay. For years, Halong Hub has satisfied thousands of travelers to this marvelous “Descending Dragon”; and will not cease to improve your experience with our platform and staff.


We strive for your satisfaction.

The more popular this World Heritage Site becomes, the more we see it vital to have a transparent, real-time and secure system for cruise booking with a network of top-quality Halong Cruises. This comes with excellent services and personalized customer support.


Top services at your disposal.

Handpicked top Cruises, Direct support from the Cruises and Halong Hub, Real time room availability, Instant booking confirmation, Fast & secure online payment, Free Hanoi Walking Street Food Tour are just some reasons to trust us with your future trip. Want to learn more?


6,800 customers can’t be wrong.

99% of our customers would recommend Halong Hub to their friends, and 29% promised to come back!

Halong Bay is worth to visit once in your lifetime

Our Story

DK Long, an expert in digital marketing and technologies, has been serving the tourism industry for much of his professional career, with numerous clients being big players in the cruise, hotel, and touring industries. But it has not until meeting Sonny Bui, a fellow tourism expert and longtime international business manager, that Long finally discovered such a powerful synergy.

The idea of Halong Hub came to them during a trip to the World Heritage Site Halong Bay, as an answer to the significant problems he noticed in the Halong Bay cruise markets.

"We noticed there were several negative situations that foreign travelers had to deal with while visiting Halong such as overpricing, unclear information and even scams."

Together, Long and Sonny decided to tackle these shortcomings, protecting and promoting the beauty of this world famous destination. Combining their decade of experience within the field of tourism, Halong Hub came to life, and since then has not ceased to prove their visions of an ultimate cruise booking service.

Our Mission

More than just a booking engine, Halong Hub’s team of expert individuals is committed to promoting the exquisite, natural wonder of this World Heritage Site to the world.

With an eye for the future, we understand the importance of sustainable, responsible tourism. Keeping this in mind is central to our mission of creating an inclusive and mutually beneficial platform for tourists and tour operators to appreciate the beauty of Halong Bay, not exploit it.

We partner with scores of cruise companies in Halong, whom by listing with us allow customers to search, check for and reserve rooms instantly on our platform. No more misinformation, no more issues with being overcharged, no more middle men.

Our Team

Sonny Bui


With over 20 years experience working in the luxury travel industry, Sonny’s career path ranged from Travel Director to Product Manager, from Director of Marketing to Business Development Director. In 2004, after spending valuable time working as Director of Marketing in the North American market for a leading Vietnamese luxury travel company, Sonny returned to Vietnam with passion and a strong belief that Vietnam has huge untapped potential for luxury travel demand.

Sonny launched Halong Bay’s first luxury overnight cruise, setting a new standard and trend for the World Heritage site. As a co-owner and CEO of Cruise Halong fleet, Sonny has enjoyed 10 years of enduring love for Halong Bay’s beauty, culture and fascinating stories from worldwide travellers.

DK Long


Long is an entrepreneur with an extensive background in web technologies and digital marketing. His passion and enthusiasm for the digital world has prevailed throughout his professional career.

After 9 years in digital marketing, Long has built for himself a wide network as well as massive understandings about digital marketing and the tourism & hospitality industry. He has consulted a large number of hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, travel magazines,… in Vietnam and across Asia. His strategic mind undoubtedly established a solid ground for Dagiac to satisfy the most difficult clients.

Grace Austin

Communication Manager

Grace grew her network and increased her profile as a professional writer and content creator. Her work ranges from creative writing, social media management, branding, documentary directing, TV presenting, and event reportage. Grace constantly strives to find new ways to combine her passion of storytelling, communication and travel.


Halong Hub is a proud associate of the monthly Love Vietnam Rooftop Parties, bringing together the best of both the local and expat communities in Saigon. These events are held in benefit of various local charities, and are a powerful way for Halong Hub and its partnered cruises to create a stronger brand awareness and positive brand associations.

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