Top 10 reasons why you should Book Halong Bay Cruise

1. Wonderful Memories Onboard a Halong Bay Cruise Boat

There is no doubt about it, the very first of those reasons to book halong bay cruise is because it will provide you with enough memories to last a lifetime. The whole experience onboard your cruise boat is one of great food, luxurious lifestyle and relaxation.

Halong Bay is stunningly beautiful and there is no better way than to see it than on a relaxing Halong Bay cruise.


2. A Cruise Vacation Offers Great Value

The second reasons to book halong bay cruise is that they are terrific value for money.

These are fabulous floating hotels with amazing dining and luxurious cabins, the equivalent of a 5-star hotel and for a similar price of staying in a hotel you get the excursions the onboard experience and the real star of the show, Halong Bay.

3. See Multiple Destinations, Unpack Only Once

Traveling around any country can tale it out on you. The constant schlepping from one place to another, unpacking suitcases every day or two, waiting for taxis checking in and checking out all are pretty boring and eat into your holiday time.

With a Halong Bay cruise, you just check in once, chill out and the new destinations come to you. It certainly provides much more relaxing alternative.

4. Halong Bay Cruise Boats are Family Friendly

If you are a family and have that constant battle of what to do to keep the kids entertained, don’t lose heart. Halong Bay cruises are just the job for families with youngsters.

The crew will go out of their way to make your little ones enjoy themselves, fellow passengers will fuss all over them and the caves and other attractions will excite and enthrall them.

Halong Bay with family

5. There is a Halong Bay Cruise Boat to Suit Everyone

There is a huge variety in the size and style of the cruise boats plying their trade in Halong Bay. From small craft, to traditional Chinese style junks and huge riverboats there is bound to be something to fire your imagination.

Some can be chartered for a small group of half a dozen friends, others offer palatial accommodation with 40 cabins or more. Whatever your style, you’ll find the perfect craft for you.

6. Cruising Is Romantic, good reasons to book Halong Bay cruise for couples

There is no more a romantic setting than sipping cocktails with your loved one on the deck of a Halong Baycruise boat as the sun goes down on another incredible day in paradise.

Dinner can be booked on deck with many of the cruise companies and some even offer the amazing experience of a candle-lit dinner in a cave. It doesn’t get much more romantic than this.

halong bay cruise is perfect for couple

7. Halong Bay Cruise Boats Offer a Variety of Onboard Activities

Onboard activities include watching a movie, playing cards or a board game, taking part in a fun quiz, enjoying a cookery class, eating, sunbathing or just relaxing with a drink.

Friends are easy made and conversation is lively and fun. Add to this all the amazing activities off the boat and you’ll see that a Halong Bay Cruise is jam-packed with things to see and do.

8. Choose to cruise for fabulous cuisine

The standard of catering onboard is equal to most 5-star restaurants. From incredible buffet lunches, to fine dining meals and even beach barbecues, you will enjoy being looked after by the chef onboard your vessel.

Wonderful high class Vietnamese cuisine is lovingly prepared and of course Western or vegetarian alternatives are available.

food is one of the very good reasons to book halong bay cruise

9. Time away from tech

There are not many places in the world now where you can escape the constant sight of people with their head’s buried into a handheld device or laptop. Whilst limited wifi service is available onboard the boats.

The very nature of the bay restricts both that and indeed phone signals. It is so pleasant to really get away from the world and truly experiences a relaxing day or two.

10. A Halong Bay Cruise Boat is Fun for All Ages

And the very last reasons to book Halong Bay Cruise is because this really is the type of holiday that appeals to just about everyone.

Small children are excited by boats right from the start. Teenagers get into the kayaking, rock climbing, canoeing, or snorkeling that is available.

People with an eye for nature and the natural world will be enthralled by what the bay has to offer. Older passengers will enjoy both the relaxation on board and the level of comfort.

Kayaking - one of reasons to book halong bay cruise

So there you have the Top 10 reasons to Book Halong Bay Cruise Boat. However, there are many many more. Whatever you choose to do in Halong Bay, your cruise will not disappoint. Good luck and Plain Sailing!

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