Best Bays to Cruise in 2017

Top 5 of the Best Cruise Destinations in 2017-2018

Cruises hold a special place in the minds of holiday makers and travel lusters; it represents something more than just your average holiday – it’s adventure, it’s status, it’s class. The jet-setting, globe-travelling community has plenty to say about which of the watery corners of the world should top the list for best cruise destinations- … Read more

Whole new experience with Halong Bay seaplane tours

Whole new experience with seaplane in Halong Bay

It may very well have won itself a place on the list of “7 Natural Wonders of the World”, but viewing the Halong Bay landscape from above puts things into a whole new perspective. Since 2014, you can now travel to and tour around by seaplane in Halong Bay, and every since these tours first … Read more

Top 4 unique Halong Bay souvenirs

Top 4 unique Halong Bay souvenirs

Many friends of mine, when they travel to Halong Bay or even they are planning a trip to explore Halong Bay, all come up with the same question:  “What should we buy as gifts for our friends and family?”. Souvenirs are tough to buy. As well, so much of the stuff that grabs the eye … Read more

5 tips to save money on Halong Bay cruises

5 Insider Tips to Save Money on Your Halong Bay Cruise

Visiting Halong Bay may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but it doesn’t need to break the bank. Here are our top 5 tips to help you save money on your Halong Bay cruise: 1) Early booking Early booking is the easiest way to save money on a Halong Bay cruise. The earlier you book your cruise, … Read more

Bai Tho mountain - discover halong on the top

Bai Tho Mountain: Discover Halong from on Top

When referring to Halong, people often think of Halong Bay – the UNESCO World Heritage site with thousands of islands, white sandy beaches, and delicious seafood. However, few people know that Halong also has a fascinating landscape beyond the bay. This is an ideal place for those who prefer a little adventure, a little challenge, … Read more

Top 8 coolest World Heritage Sites in Southeast Asia

Top 8 coolest World Heritage Sites in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is an amazing destination for traveling and exploring beautiful sights. Towering mountain ranges, impossibly green paddy fields, jungles, beaches, caves… the list goes on. If you have a chance, make sure you pay a visit to a few UNESCO World Heritage sites in Southeast Asia. Here are the top 8 world heritage sites … Read more

Avoiding Halong booking cruise scam

How to Avoid a Halong Cruise Scams when booking tours

Your Vietnamese adventure is in full-swing, and now it’s come time to book a Halong Bay cruise; sadly, this is a process that often goes wrong when customers are faced with Halong cruise scams and ‘cowboy’ tour agencies. To become more aware of these dastardly scam tactics, this guide will help you to avoid all … Read more

Halong Bay wedding cruise? Why not?

Have you ever asked if your future life partner wants a fairy tale wedding or a romantic honeymoon vacation? A romantic place where the scenic beauty speaks for itself? One’s wedding day is one of the most significant turning points in the life of every human being, so we should take the utmost care when … Read more

5 reasons to travel solo to Halong Bay

To travel solo is a huge trend among youths and seems to be constantly increasing. When you travel solo, it not only allows you to have more freedom, but it also gives you the opportunity to discover places as well as connect with other people. So, why not travel solo to Halong Bay? According to … Read more

Various costs and prices for Halong Bay cruise trip

Various Halong Bay Cruise Prices and Other Related Costs

If you are wondering why there is such a variety of Halong Bay cruise prices and you’re afraid of being scammed, there’s no need to worry – we’ve got you covered. Here is a master list of the various costs and prices for everything it takes to get to stay comfortable and enjoy your stay … Read more

Top 3 of luxury cruises in Halong Bay

Top 3 Halong Bay Luxury Cruises

Halong Bay tours always bring the most exciting experiences for travelers who are traveling to Vietnam. Halong Bay luxury cruises are the first choice for many travelers because of the added touch of elegance, superb service, and overall experience that it brings. Personal service is just one of the highlights of a Halong Bay luxury … Read more