Vegetarian Options in Halong Bay Cruise

I’m a Vegetarian on Halong Bay cruise: What are My Options?

Being a veggie can be tough, especially when it comes to eating out in foreign places. But here’s the thing: Halong Bay shouldn’t be skipped by any traveler in Vietnam, especially because of something like food concerns. So, what are your options as a vegan or vegetarian on a Halong Bay cruise? Never fear, the … Read more

Cock islet - a symbol of Halong Bay

What to Expect from Your Halong Bay Travel Experience

As Vietnam’s overall tourism numbers continue to shoot upwards, Halong Bay travel is exploding in popularity as more and more people come to spend some time in the exquisite landscape. Formed through eons of erosive force, Halong Bay’s beauty- the renowned UNESCO World Heritage site- has won a coveted place among six other Natural Wonders … Read more

Thien Cung Cave: A Nature's Gift

Thien Cung Cave: Nature’s Gift in Halong Bay

There are many beautiful caves to explore throughout Halong Bay, but perhaps the most interesting and legend-filled of all is the unique winding pathway through the “Heavenly Palace,” Thien Cung Cave. Located just 4km from the harbor, north of Dau Go Island, Thien Cung cave offers a special insight into the magical story-telling past of … Read more

Romantic Halong Bay: Picture-Perfect Ideas for Couples

There is nothing quite like the thrill of adventure and exploring something new to bring you closer to the one you love. Halong Bay is the perfect place to spend time with someone special, to reconnect and rekindle old flames, or to celebrate the beginning of your journey together on your honeymoon. Whatever the occasion, … Read more