Halong Hub Reviews Azalea Cruise on Grand Opening Day

The newest cruise to join the fleet in Halong Bay, Azalea Cruise Halong, took to the water for the very first time on the 8th of November 2017, and Halong Hub were onboard to conduct the first of what is set to be a series of professional Halong Bay cruise reviews.

Azalea Cruise Halong, a 5-star luxury cruise liner, is the latest to join ranks with a collection of other high-end Halong cruises. Spread across three decks, Azalea promises a lavish cruising experience where guests can enjoy full access to the spa, sundeck, dining facilities, a fully stocked bar complete with cocktails and wines, and their own private space among the 20 well-appointed cabins.

Azalea cruise liner halong bay
The Azalea cruise ship

In an effort to give our audience a full-on look at everything Azalea has to offer, we set out to film a comprehensive review of the cruise; the ship itself, the services, and amenities onboard. In order to cover the Azalea cruise review, we sent our Halong Hub travel writer behind the scenes with our production partners from Dagiac, to get a glimpse at all the action before the cruise picked up its customers and took them out touring for the very first time.

Azalea’s captain at work in the control room
azalea cruise halong captain at work in the control room

We shot on Azalea’s first ever sail-day, which was quite a challenge as the crew were still getting the final pieces in place by the time we were getting on board and turning on the cameras, but that didn’t stop us from capturing all the elements we needed to create a piece that will inform and inspire our viewers.

Suite on board Azalea Cruise Halong
Suite on board Azalea Cruise Halong

The Azalea cruise review features our honest evaluations of each aspect of the customer experience: inside the spa, atop the sundeck, around the restaurant and at the cocktail bar.  We covered all the most relevant details of the cruise, from the size of the bathrooms to comparisons of the room types; basically, we made sure we covered all the finer points that you’d never be able to gather just from reading facts on a sheet.

sea-view bathtub on Azalea Cruise Halong
sea-view bathtub on Azalea Cruise Halong

In keeping with our ethos of innovation, Halong Hub is the first to conduct professional level cruise reviews in Halong Bay. The Azalea cruise review is set to be the pilot for our upcoming series of Halong Bay cruise reviews, which will give would-be cruise goers a chance to have a walk through their dream cruise before ever having to make the commitment of booking it. The primary goal of the Azalea cruise review, and all future reviews, is to further inform, support, and inspire our customers from beginning to end of their Halong experience.

Azalea Cruise Halong can now be booked through our platform! Reservations are flying out the door since their launch; make sure to grab yours fast.

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