Halong Bay

Interviews with Travel Bloggers: Is Halong Bay Overrated?

Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Halong Bay with its stunningly picturesque scenery is an excellent choice for a getaway you will never forget. However, after all those years welcoming endless hordes of tourists, you may wonder: does Halong Bay still hold its charm and stand out? To find the answer, we have interviewed … Read more

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More Than Just Halong Bay: Northern Vietnam Highlights

Widely considered one of the absolute highlights of Southeast Asia, Halong Bay attracts the bulk of tourism in northern Vietnam, and for a good reason. But because of its massive popularity, it also overshadows other captivating destinations in the region. From the heaving streets of Hanoi to the rippling rice paddies of Sapa, northern Vietnam … Read more

Hidden Gems: Vietnam's Underrated Places to Visit

Hidden Gems: Vietnam’s Most Underrated Places to Visit

Vietnam’s tourism numbers are through the roof, and while most seek to tick off the country’s main attractions from their travel bucket list, many are beginning to search for lesser-known places to hang their hat. The city-hubs like Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi have relatively long histories of attracting foreign tourists, as does the likes … Read more

A-list Celebrities visit Vietnam

The Reason the World’s A-List Celebrities Can’t Get Enough of Vietnam

In 2016, 10 million international tourists visited Vietnam, but some of the faces passing through are a little more recognizable than others. You’ll never guess who all of the celebrities are who have visited Vietnam. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for anyone! Brad & Angelina The now split Hollywood A-list couple … Read more

Best Bays to Cruise in 2017

Top 5 of the Best Cruise Destinations in 2020

Cruises hold a special place in the minds of holiday makers and travel lusters; it represents something more than just your average holiday – it’s adventure, it’s status, it’s class. The jet-setting, globe-travelling community has plenty to say about which of the watery corners of the world should top the list for best cruise destinations- … Read more

Magnificent Halong Bay in Hollywood movies

Magnificent Halong Bay in Hollywood movies

As one of the first landscapes in Vietnam recognized as a world natural heritage site, Halong Bay is the most famous tourist site in all of Vietnam. With the expansion of luxury cruise tour, many people have been able to come and witnessed the magnificence of Halong Bay. In recent years, well-known producers in Hollywood … Read more

Unveiling the mysterious Legends of Halong Bay

Unveiling the mysterious Legends of Halong Bay

Folklore and legends are an integral part of Vietnamese culture as it is in many countries around the world. For history buffs or curious visitors in general, folklore passed down from generation to generation gives us a glimpse into an ancient world that once was and how it has shaped the world up to today. … Read more

5 Amazing Ways to View Halong Bay from Above

Wondering what is the greatest Halong Bay viewpoint? If so, check this out! Halong Bay is famous for its terrific beauty, with thousands of limestone karst caves and structures. Hundreds or even thousands of tourists visit this charming place every day. There are many ways to explore Halong Bay like cruising on boats, junks or … Read more

Top 8 coolest World Heritage Sites in Southeast Asia

Top 8 coolest World Heritage Sites in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is an amazing destination for traveling and exploring beautiful sights. Towering mountain ranges, impossibly green paddy fields, jungles, beaches, caves… the list goes on. If you have a chance, make sure you pay a visit to a few UNESCO World Heritage sites in Southeast Asia. Here are the top 8 world heritage sites … Read more