Halong Bay Heritage Marathon

To continue the previous success of the 2015 event, Halong Bay Heritage Marathon will officially return on 26th November 2016 with a wide range of distance options: a 42km Full Marathon, 21km Half Marathon, 10km and 2km Fun Run. This year’s running course has been designed to cross over Bai Chay Bridge, the longest single-span bridge in Southeast Asia, to provide a spectacular view from above over the magnificent landscape of Halong Bay.  The route continues through picturesque mountain scenery and coastal vistas along the bay.

Halong Bay Marathon 2016
Source: Halong Bay Heritage Marathon

4 Routes at UNESCO World Heritage Site

2KM FUN RUN “Best for Beginner”: This route brings the most joyful and exciting atmosphere. Joined by young adults as well as children, it is a lighthearted run focusing on enjoyment and a fun atmosphere.

10KM FUN RUN “Boost your Endurance”: Run and simply enjoy Halong Bay. This run is mostly taken on by local tourists and international travellers, this is quite the memorable experience.

Halong Bay Heritage Marathon
Source: Halong Bay Heritage Marathon

21KM HALF MARATHON “Long Distance running at a World Natural Heritage”: The half marathon. We can’t imagine this not being a lifelong memory for those that love to run marathons.

42KM MARATHON “We Are the Champion, My Friend.”:  Conquer “Bãi Cháy” Bridge.  Are you ready to push yourself to the limit? Both mentally and physically? Then step up for this full marathon, set in one of the most beautiful areas in the entire world!

Halong Bay Heritage Marathon 2015

“After an impressive performance from all runners who participated in today’s International Halong Bay Heritage Marathon 2015, it is our pleasure to announce the top 6 runners from today’s 21 kilometre half marathon. These outstanding runners received a medal, trophy, certificate confirming their performance as well as a cash prize.

The third place finisher received $300, second place received $600 and finally the top runner received $1000 for their performance.

For the men’s division, coming in third place with a time of 1h. 30m. 52s was a Vietnamese national Nguyen Duc Quang, who’s a part of a growing running club. Placing second in the men’s division is Anatoli Gridnev from Russia with a time of 1h. 28m. 35s. Finally, with the top time in the man’s division was Florian Deichmann from Germany with a time of 1h. 26m. 24s.

Halong Bay Heritage Marathon
Source: Halong Bay Heritage Marathon

For the women’s division, we have AnetaRadaczewska from Poland with a time of 1h .45m .43s. In second place with have Lisa Anderberg from the US with a time of 1h. 38m. 16s. A special congratulations to our fastest female runner and overall champion with the fastest time among all participants, Pham Thi Hue from Vietnam. Hue posted a good time of 1h. 25m. 07s, beating the second place finisher by over a minute.”

About the Organizer

In attendance at the first inaugural International Halong Bay Heritage Marathon, were the representatives from the organizers. The event was made possible by the cooperation between Quang Ninh’s Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and DHA company. Their preparation and hard work ensured that the event was safe and successful.

Both organizers agree that this first year has been a success, but next year will be even better. For those who participated, as well as though who are interested, should be happy to know that the two organizers are very much looking forward to hosting more marathons in the future. Furthermore, they promised next year will even be bigger and better! Stay tuned.

Did you join the marathon last year? Was it great? We’re glad to hear your stories and experiences in the comments below.

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