Let’s Enjoy Halong Bay Weather in February

Many tourists choose to visit Halong Bay in February to take advantage of the cooler temperatures and winter sunshine.

This article will give you a detailed look at what you can expect from the Halong Bay weather in February, with information on temperature, sunlight, humidity, and rainfall. You’ll also learn the pros and cons of traveling to Halong Bay in February, as well as some top tips if you do decide to travel at this time.

If you need to know any further information about Halong Bay weather, head over to our previous blog post that details the annual weather patterns in Halong.

What to Expect from Halong Bay Weather in February


It may be the height of winter in Halong Bay, but the average temperature lingers around a comfortable 18 degrees Celsius, making it the second lowest temperature of the whole year. In February, visitors can expect highs of 21 degrees and lows of around 15 degrees.

The moderate temperatures are ideal for travelers who are interested in being active during their Halong trip, perhaps by exploring the caves and grottoes, or hiking around on some of the islands.


The sunlight levels do not change very much in Halong Bay throughout the year, with fluctuations only of about one hour. In February, there are generally seven hours of direct sunlight each day which is the second highest amount of hours throughout the year.


The Halong Bay weather in February is extremely dry in general, and this goes for the humidity levels too. Compared with the annual average of 90% humidity, February’s balmy 68% makes for a nice change. This temperate climate that comes with the winter months are favoured by many travelers who come to visit Halong Bay.


The rainfall levels begin to rise again from February onwards, after a pleasant few months with very little rain at all. January saw only 3mm over 10 days on average, while the Halong Bay weather in February will most likely bring 22mm over an average of 11 days.

Compared with the rainy summer months, the Halong Bay weather in February is pretty dry and offers great conditions for exploring the area.

Pros and Cons of Visiting Halong Bay in February


  • The Halong Bay weather in February is much cooler than most other months, which makes for great conditions to get outside, be active, and explore the area.
  • The temperature is still warm enough to be comfortable
  • The humidity levels are comparatively very low, which is much more pleasant when you’re spending time outdoors.
  • There’s very little rainfall in Halong Bay in February, so you can be quite certain that your booking will not be cancelled due to bad weather conditions.


  • February is part of Halong Bay’s high season, so you can expect an increased amount of tourists in the area.
  • You’re more likely to experience some chilly days at this time of year.

Review all infos above we have:

halong bay weather in february infographic

Top Tips for Travelers to Halong Bay in February

  • Visitors should definitely pack some warm clothes in case you end up getting caught by a chilly day.
  • Remember to pack sunscreen; just because it’s cooler out doesn’t mean the sun’s rays aren’t strong (especially out on the water).
  • Make sure you book your cruise well in advance to beat the crowds and ensure you can travel on your desired dates.

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