Halong Bay Weather in December

The Halong Bay weather in December is typical of winter weather in Southeast Asia; visitors can expect dry, sunny, and moderately warm days.

December is one of the most popular months to visit because the Halong Bay weather is perfect for outdoor activities. Let’s have a look in more detail at what we can expect from the typical Halong Bay weather in December. We’ll also give you some expert tips if you do plan to visit Halong at this time of year. If you want any further info about the weather, head on over to our blog post on Halong Bay weather throughout the whole year.

What to Expect from Halong Bay Weather in December


While December may mean cold, snow, and ice to many of you, that’s not what winter is about in Halong Bay. December temperatures average at about 19 degrees Celsius, with highs of 21 degrees and potential lows of 15 degrees. This sort of temperature is perfect if you are hoping to get involved with some of the outdoor activities on offer in Halong Bay, like hiking, exploring caves, and walking around the islands.

December temperatures are the second lowest of the year (second only to February); perhaps that puts our concept of “winter” into perspective for you!


Halong Bay weather in December brings with it a glorious 8 hours of sunshine every day, which is the highest of the year along with November, and March through June. The long, sunny days with little to no rainfall are ideal for travelers hoping to visit Halong at this time.


December enjoys relatively low levels of humidity compared with the annual average of 90%. In December, you can expect the humidity levels to drop significantly to 69%- one of the lowest levels of the whole year. This makes outdoor activities and a little bit of exercise so much more enjoyable!


The average monthly rainfall increases ever so slightly in December compared with the month before. While in November there is an average of just 12mm over 8 days, in December you are more likely to expect in the realms of 23mm over 7 days.

This is still very dry overall, especially when compared with the wet summer months that often bring well in excess of 250mm of rain each month.

infographic halong bay weather in december

Pros and Cons for Visiting Halong Bay in December


  • The Halong Bay weather in December is indeed chillier than the previous months, but still warm enough to enjoy being outdoors and usually little need to wear very heavy clothes.
  • The low humidity levels make outdoor activities much more enjoyable.
  • The long sunshine hours and generally dry days are perfect for getting outside and exploring the area.


  • The Halong Bay weather in December often brings with it some cooler days, with expected lows of 15 degrees- so you’ll probably want to consider bringing a jacket.
  • December is well and truly part of Halong Bay’s high season, so expect a much busier bay than usual.

Travel Tips for Visiting Halong Bay in December

  • The average sea temperature in December is a whopping 29 degrees Celsius; this is one of the highest temperatures of the year. This is the perfect sort of weather for water activities; you’ll be able to spend hours in the water without feeling uncomfortable or cold.
  • Pack some sunscreen! Even if the air feels cool, the sun is still very strong and it’s easy to get burned if you aren’t careful.
  • Consider bringing a cardigan and a jacket with you, just in case some of those chilly December days turn up while you’re there.

If you need some more in depth advice about what to pack when visiting Halong Bay, head over to our last blog post on what to bring.

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