Halong Bay Weather In January | Charts & Tips

Halong Bay weather in January brings with it cooler air temperatures, virtually no rainfall, and warm water temperatures that are perfect for swimming or kayaking.

Let’s get into a little more detail about what you can expect from the Halong Bay weather in January in terms of sunlight, temperature, humidity, and rainfall. We’ll also share with you some top tips when visiting Halong Bay at this time of year.

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In A Nutshell: Halong Bay Weather In January

MonthHigh / Low (°C)Average rainfall (MM)Rain Days
January (2022)20° / 14°39 mm3-4 days

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What To Expect From Halong Bay Weather In January



The average temperature in January is around 17 degrees Celsius.

The highest temperature is 20 degrees, while the lowest temperature is 12 degrees.

The average sea temperature is around 21 degrees.

Though it’s the middle of winter in Northern Vietnam, Halong Bay’s weather in January means you can expect to get plenty of sun. Bear in mind that the weather forecast frequently changes and one morning may have chilly weather followed by warm sun.


Visitors to Halong Bay in January will enjoy some of the lowest humidity levels of the year at a relative daytime humidity of 78%.

The average annual humidity levels are as high as 90%, so this represents a welcome change.

The low humidity levels make for ideal conditions if you fancy getting outdoors and exploring some of Halong Bay’s countless islands, beaches, caves, and grottoes, though the weather can be a bit foggy during these winter months.


The Halong Bay weather in January brings with it seven hours of sunshine each day, which is the second highest of the year along with February, July, September, and October.

Early morning weather conditions are spectacular and sunrises are epic.


With an average rainfall of 39mm, the Halong Bay weather in January is one of the driest months of the year. However, there is significantly less rainfall in December (18mm) and late January / early February (27mm).

Pros And Cons Of Visiting Halong Bay In January



  • The cooler temperatures that come with the Halong Bay weather in January are ideal for getting active and exploring the surrounding areas. It’s still warm enough to enjoy spending time outdoors and not too cold for outdoor excursions.
  • The lack of rainfall means that your booking reservation will be extremely reliable and it is highly unlikely your trip would be called off because of the weather condition.
  • The dry weather and lack of humidity in Halong Bay’s winter are perfect conditions for going outside and enjoying the caves, grottoes, beaches, and countless islands.


  • The favorable Halong Bay weather in January means that a lot of tourists will be taking advantage of the conditions, so you can expect a lot more visitors than usual.
  • You may experience some chilly days when the temperature drops and swimming in wintertime will be a little cold.

Local Tips For Travelers In Halong Bay In January


What to wear in Halong Bay in January

When traveling to Halong Bay in January, you need to pack accordingly! The weather during this month is variable and can range from sunny and warm to cold and wet. It’s advisable to bring a few layers of clothing, including

  • Light clothing
  • Warm clothes
  • A waterproof coat is also recommended; you never know when it will rain.

These types of clothes are available in Vietnam and it’s best to pick them up in Hanoi before you travel to Halong for your cruise.

What to bring to Halong bay in January

In addition to warmer clothes, other items that you should bring include

  • Sunglasses, sunscreen (the sun can be quite strong during this time of year),
  • Hats or caps, comfortable shoes
  • Insect repellant.

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Best Things To Do In Halong Bay In January


January is an excellent time to visit Halong Bay. The weather in January is generally mild and pleasant, making it the perfect time for outdoor activities.

Here are some of our top suggestions:

1. Boat cruises – Halong Bay is best explored by boat. January is an ideal time to take a cruise around the bay and explore its hidden lagoons, spectacular limestone cliffs and local fishing villages.

2. Kayaking – During the cooler months, kayaking in Halong Bay offers a fantastic opportunity to get up close to the bay’s magnificent scenery. From exploring secret caves to admiring fascinating wildlife, kayaking in Halong Bay is a great way to get active and enjoy the surroundings.

3. Hiking – The nearby limestone hills provide plenty of hiking trails for those looking for a good workout while taking in the stunning views over Halong Bay. With sunshine and mild weather in January, it’s a great time for outdoor activities.

4. Visit Cat Ba Island – The largest island in Halong Bay, Cat Ba is home to lush rainforest and numerous beaches. It’s a great place to explore on foot or by bike while taking in the beautiful scenery.

5. Go snorkeling – With an average sea temperature of 21 degrees, it makes for the perfect conditions to jump into the Halong Bay waters with a snorkle and go exploring some of the amazing coral reefs that Halong is also famous for.

There are so many exciting things to do in Halong Bay, and our handpicked cruise itineraries and packed full of offboard and onboard activities.

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Tet Holiday


Tet holiday celebrates the end of the lunar calendar around January 20 and is one of the biggest festivals in Vietnam. When you visit Halong Bay during this time, there will be many tourists and cruise boats. Though it is also the most festive time to be in Vietnam, many stores may be closed for the Tet holiday.

January is a great time to explore Halong Bay. So, pack your bags and get ready for an amazing trip!

If you’re ready to set sail on your dream vacation, it’s time to pick a cruise!

Happy travels!

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