Halong Bay Weather in November

Halong Bay weather in November represents the start of the winter season, and is characterised by a slight decrease in temperatures and a dramatic decrease in rainfall.

The Halong Bay weather in November makes for a perfect time to visit and explore the area, thanks to the temperate air and lack of rain. Let’s now look in greater detail at what you can expect from the Halong Bay weather in November. We’ll also reveal some expert traveling tips if you plan on visiting at this time of year. If you’d like some deeper information, head over to our previous post on what to expect from Halong Bay weather throughout the year.

What to Expect from the Halong Bay Weather in November


The average temperature in November is 22 degree Celsius, which is a welcome change for most travelers who tend to avoid the extremely hot summer months where temperatures soar into the mid 30s. In November, you can expect lows of about 18 degrees and potential highs of 24 degrees. This sort of temperature is ideal for getting out and about in Halong Bay and exploring the caves, beaches, and islands.


Halong Bay enjoys 8 hours of sunshine per day in November, which is the longest amount of sunshine all year along with December and March through June.


The Halong Bay weather in November is mild and dry compared with the summer months that have just gone by. Halong Bay’s average annual humidity levels are a stifling 90%, so November’s 70% is relatively pleasant. November being one of the driest months makes for a great opportunity to visit the area.


November is the second driest month of the year in Halong Bay. The rainfall levels drop significantly from that of last month (October averages 54mm of rain over 11 days), with an average in November of just 12mm falling over 8 days or so.

Summarize all this infos above we have:

halong bay weather in November infographic

Pros and Cons for Traveling Through Halong Bay in November


  • Halong Bay weather in November is extremely dry, so you can expect little rainfall and mostly clear, sunny days.
  • The temperature tends to be comfortably low, but still warm enough not to require heavy clothing.
  • The humidity levels are low, which makes exploring and activities much more pleasant.


  • There may be some chilly days in November, so you may want to consider packing some warmer clothes just in case.
  • November represents the start of the high season in Halong Bay, so the amount of tourists in the area will increase around this time.

Travel Tips for Halong Bay Weather in November

  • November is a great month to enjoy water-based activities like swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking because the water temperature is so high (28 degrees). This is the second highest sea temperature of the year on average, with May also ranking in at 28 degrees.
  • Consider bringing some warmer clothes like a cardigan or a scarf, just in case you experience a chilly day.
  • Pack some sunscreen; even if the temperature doesn’t feel so hot, the sun’s rays are still pretty strong here.
  • Be prepared for a busier Halong Bay than usual, because November is the beginning of high season.

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