Halong Bay Weather in October – Pros and Cons for Traveling

The Halong Bay weather in October retains the warmth of the summer months, but is far less prone to heavy rains.

Let’s look in greater detail at the specifics of the Halong Bay weather in October. We’ll show you what you can expect, the pros and cons of traveling at this time, and top tips for visitors to Halong Bay in October.

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Halong Bay Weather in October


October is the end of the summer season, so while the Halong Bay weather is still very warm (about 25 degrees on average) it is generally not as stiflingly hot as it is during the height of the summer (34-38 degrees tops). During October, you can expect highs of about 28 degrees, and lows of 21. Halong Bay weather in October often brings cool, fresh breezes with it, which makes cruising at this time really comfortable.


Like the rest of the region, the levels of sunlight throughout the year don’t fluctuate very much. In October, you can expect about 7 hours of proper sunlight every day (although nearly 12 hours between sunrise and sunset). This will increase to around 8 hours by December.


Halong Bay weather tends to be quite humid throughout the year (often reaching up to 90%). However, Halong Bay weather in October is quite favourable in comparison, with average humidity levels of 72%; the cool breezes and moderate temperatures should offset some of this also.


The average temperature may have only dropped slightly from the month before, but the average rainfall has dropped significantly. In October, you’re likely to see just 54mm of rain over 11 days. The warm temperatures coupled with the reduced rainfall make October a great month to get out and explore Halong Bay and all of its islands, beaches, caves, and grottoes.

Summarize all these infos we have:

halong bay weather in october infographic

Pros and Cons for Traveling in October


  • The Halong Bay weather in October is warm, but not as hot as the sticky summer months
  • The rainfall has significantly reduced since last month
  • It’s still not peak season, so you’ll avoid a lot of the crowds
  • It’s not too humid compared with other months


  • There is a chance of experiencing a Northeast monsoon at end of the month, although these are nowhere near as strong as the Southwest monsoons that are typical of the summer ‘rainy’ season
  • You make have some chilly days as we approach November

Travel Tips for Halong Bay Weather in October

october is great time for kayaking
  • October is a great month to enjoy swimming and other water-based activities like snorkeling or kayaking, as the average sea temperature is around 27 degrees Celsius.
  • The expected warm weather will call for shorts, t-shirts, and light summer clothing
  • Consider packing some some sunscreen if you plan on spending plenty of time on the sundeck or outside exploring (which you of course will!)
  • We recommend bringing a jumper or light rain jacket in case a shower blows through

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