Halong Beer: Let’s taste Halong Bay Spirit!

Who says Germans are the only fans of beer? Pack your stuff and head to Vietnam to see how the local people get crazy over a glass of beer. Brew is so common that you can find it everywhere you go. From local groceries to fancy restaurants, vendors to five-star hotels, and from the urban areas to the countryside – you’ll never run out of beers to drink.

Besides the imported brands such as Heineken, Tiger, and San Miguel, the local Vietnamese people have developed and produced their own taste of beer that can be explored with brands like Bia (beer in Vietnamese) Hanoi, Bia Saigon, and Huda Bia.  Halong Beer is one of the local beers that you should try. A cold Halong beer on a cruise sundeck on a hot afternoon is a real pleasure.

Halong Beer
A must-try drink in Halong Bay region

Light, Fresh, and Extremely Cheap

With all exported ingredients and modern production infrastructure, Halong Beer has become increasingly more popular to consumers. The price is absolutely reasonable. You only have to pay VND15,000 to VND20,000 for each can of  Halong Beer. Don’t worry about drinking too much, in fact I’m sure that this kind of beer can’t knock you down at all because the alcohol content is only about 5%, quite low. Honestly, super-light draft beer, also known as “bia hoi” in Vietnam, which many people have tried in Hanoi is not a good deal. At first, with an extremely cheap price about VND5,000, or 25 cents for a glass, you may ask me why I say this. The reason is these local beer producers are not controlled and you must know already, not everything cheap is good.

Halong Bay Beer

Relaxing Atmosphere

Taste is different for everyone, but perhaps the number-one reason why people love Halong beer is because of the atmosphere it brings. The modern, technologically-driven life, pressures from work making everyone stressed out – thus making everyone, regardless of age and background, come to Halong Bay to drink beer there. To relax, unwind, and share their life stories with each other. Just two cans of beer can bring two strangers closer.

Halong Bay Beer
Halong Beer goes perfect with snacks in Halong Bay’s evening.

Halong Beer makes you relaxed. As you know, each cruise tour has many fun activities like karaoke at night, a BBQ party on the beach or dining in the cave systems. Halong Beer would totally fit in.

Halong Bay Beer
Absolutely outstanding on a night like this!

Halong’s Special Drink

If you’ve ever heard that “you’ve never been to Halong if you didn’t eat Squid Sausages”, it’s also true about Halong Beer. Halong Beer appears everywhere in the normal life of local people, from family reunions, celebrations, bonding, to special occasions like weddings and anniversaries. Among cruises, Halong Beer is the most common kind of drink. Therefore, drink Halong Beer in Halong Bay! Sounds fun, right?

Halong Bay Beer
When Halong Beer becomes an inspirational taste. ©@adamyeahbro

Have you tried a Halong Beer before? How does it taste? If not, let’s contact us for more information!

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