Halong Hub to Offer Customers Free Hanoi Street Food Tour from Foody Compass

Halong Hub has recently partnered with Foody Compass on a mutual mission to create an experience that is sure to satisfy not just your taste buds, but even the most insatiable travelers’ sense of adventure.

Halong hub offers Free Hanoi Street Food Tour
Halong hub offers Free Hanoi Street Food Tour

From September 2017, every customer that books a Halong Bay cruise using the Halong Hub booking platform will receive a complimentary Hanoi Street Food Tour with Foody Compass. Visitors who avail of this offer will get themselves a jam-packed itinerary that will take them from their hotel in Hanoi to explore the towering limestone monoliths and azure waters of Halong Bay, and back again to the city to sample the best of Hanoi’s sizzling street food.

The shared interests and well-aligned goals of both Halong Hub and Foody Compass make them ideal partners for their new mutual mission: to create an original, authentic, and exciting experience for each and every visitor who heads their way. Together, Halong Hub and Foody Compass assure that every customer they send home will leave inspired, exhilarated, and totally satisfied with their Vietnam adventure.

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About Halong Hub

Halong Hub is among the leading online cruise booking platforms in Halong Bay, Vietnam. Since its establishment, Halong Hub has been determined to provide a simplified and trustworthy service to travelers who come to visit the world-famous landscape of Halong Bay. The squad behind Halong Hub are among the most innovative, dynamic, and creative international teams in the entire Halong Bay market, so it’s small wonder that they’re always on the look-out for new ways to collaborate with others who are excelling in Vietnam’s burgeoning tourism industry.

About Foody Compass

Hot off the press in 2017, Foody Compass is a bespoke street food tour that offers its customers a unique “insider’s view” of Vietnam’s capital city. The Foody Compass team believe that food, more than anything else, has the power to bring people from all different cultures and all different walks of life together. With this in mind, they have designed a thoughtful, educational, and still wildly entertaining tour of downtown Hanoi’s most delicious eateries. Under the watchful supervision of a savvy local, customers can zip around the bedlam of the city center and chow down on the best of the local delicacies, whilst learning about Hanoi’s rich, and deep-rooted history and culture. From squatting street-side on red plastic chairs slurping on a piping hot bowl of phở, to enjoying a creamy egg coffee at Hanoi’s oldest cafe, the Foody Compass tour promises to send their guests home stuffed full of food and still dreaming of more.

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