Hon Co Island – Pristine and Untouched Beauty

Wondering why Hon Co island is considered one of the most favorite destinations of Bai Tu Long Bay? Because it’s charming and untouched or just because it’s cheap to visit?

Let’s find out with us now!

Overview of Hon Co Island

hon co island overview

Hon Co Island, also known as Grass Island, is located in Cong Do Area, one of the most magnificent and appealing tourist attractions in Bai Tu Long Bay.

As it name goes, you must now be envisioning how Hon Co looks in real life! Yes, you are right!

The island boasts thick green foliage of grass, shrubs and other plant species growing on limestone cliffs.

Hon Co does not ring any bell to many tourists just yet as the island newly welcomes tourists, just after the opening of Thien Canh Son Cave on the island. On the bright side, it is why the island still well preserves its untouched and pristine beauty.

Hon Co Island
As Green As Grass!

Right in the center of Cong Do Nature Reserve, Hon Co is surrounded by calm crystal-like emerald water and numerous small islets. With the addition of green and luxuriant foliage spreading all over, Hon Co offers a fresh green environment and shelter for many animals.

Despite being newly discovered, Hon Co will surely make you fall in love with it at first sight, and thus captivating more and more tourists. With its white sand beaches and pristine caves filled with alluring stalactites, the island will soon get crowded.

So, our suggestion is, you should pay a visit to this island as soon as possible if you don’t want to get stuck with crowds!

Things You Must Try in Hon Co

Now you’ve figured out where and how charismatic Hon Co is, the next step is to know top things you must try in this island.

Wanna relax? Try swimming

Enjoy swimming on Hon Co Island
Halong water, here we come!!!!

You like swimming and relaxing in the cool water? If so, let’s become a satisfied swimmer here.

We are sure the island’s pristine nature and beautiful landscape will bring you much more vitality and energy. If you are longing for a getaway from the busy city life, Hon Co is exactly what you need. Boasting long and white sand beaches and calm crystal-like water, Hon Co can satisfy every swimmer. Here on the island, you can lay down on the sand, sunbathe and swim in the turquoise water.

Into adventure? Go kayaking and explore the cave

Explore Halong Bay yourself on kayak boat on Hon Co Island
Explore Halong Bay yourself on a kayak boat

Or if you are up for some thrills, go kayaking or exploring Co Cave (also known as Thien Canh Son Cave).

Believe us, Thien Canh Son is a must-visit place on your trip to this charming bay. Earlier, this majestic cave was called Co Cave by the locals. Later, it was renamed Thien Canh Son Cave (mountain landscape in the heaven) thanks to its magnificent and surreal beauty.

To reach the cave entrance, you will need to walk about a hundred stone steps under the green foliage. You will soon get overwhelmed by glittering incredible stalactites and stalagmites when inside. After the cave visit, you will reach the observing point, where you view the magnificent scenery of Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay. Don’t forget to take incredible pictures to memorize these wonderful moments.

Be in romance zone? A sunset dinner by the sea is worth your try!

Enjoy the romantic dinner and majestic view of Halong Bay on Hon Co Island
Enjoy the romantic dinner and majestic view of Halong Bay

Another activity you might be interested in is having a romantic dinner by the sea. This will be perfect for a birthday party, wedding anniversary, honeymoon or even a special surprise for your beloved ones. Thanks to its exceptional natural beauty and well-organized services, Hon Co Island is captivating more and more tourists. Add the island to your itinerary and you will surely have an unforgettable experience in Halong Bay.

How to Get to Hon Co Island

– From Hanoi to Halong:

By bike: Follow the route Hanoi – Sai Dong T-junction – Bac Ninh (route 18) – Pha Lai Chi Linh – Dong Trieu – Uong Bi – Halong

By bus: Starting from 5am to 6pm, buses depart every 20 minutes. It will take you about 3.5 to 4 hours to reach Bai Chay station. The ticket price varies from 100.000 – 180.000VND depending on seat type. You can also go for a Limousine for better and faster service at about 220.000VND.

– From Ho Chi Minh City to Halong:

By bus: Big brands such as Kumho, An Bình, Hoàng Phú, etc will cost you about 900.000VND for a trip from HCMC to Halong. If time is not a major issue, you can take a bus and arrive in Halong after 40 hours.

By airplane: Book your flight from Tan Son Nhat International Airport to Cat Bi Airport and catch a bus from there to go to Halong.

Cat Bi International Airport
Cat Bi International Airport

– From Halong to Hon Co Island:

If you want to visit Hon Co island, go off the beaten track from Halong Bay to lesser-known Bai Tu Long Bay. Book an overnight Bai Tu Long cruise and make sure that you see the name Hon Co island in their itinerary.

Best Time to Visit Hon Co Island

There are four seasons in the North of Vietnam so you should consider which weather you like traveling in. However, during June and July, Vietnam often gets affected by typhoons and so might your trip. You should come to visit the island a bit earlier (March-May) or a bit later (August – October). And if you don’t want to be surrounded by too many people, you should definitely avoid weekends.

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