How to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2018 – 2019 in Vietnam

Let’s check out the No.1 immediately to get the best experience of Christmas and New Year’s Eve in this wonderful country – Vietnam.

Vietnam is definitely a good choice for you to experience even once in your life that would give you a whole new way of living with beautiful landscapes, good and cheap accommodation, rich culture, kind people, and many amazing and unique festive activities. Since you’re gonna get days off (maybe weeks off) during Christmas season, why don’t you take the chance, grab your backpack and fly to Vietnam? If you’re still stuck on the question how to actually spend your Christmas and New Year holiday here, we will give you a hand and show you some suggested things-should-do (especially the first one).

Let’s get it started!

1. Celebrate last days of the year on cruise ship in the middle of nowhere

You are into adventure? You only feel being yourself truly in adventuring and doing special things? So, spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve – the most important days in a year on cruising is something that a lot of people – like you – should consider doing at least once in your lifetime. To get the most out of this adventure during holiday, Halong Bay – which is one of the world’s natural wonders and always a highlight in every Vietnam itinerary, is definitely a wise choice. It is even more exciting to discover the bay during the Christmas and New Year holiday.

xmas in vietnam
Celebrating Xmas on an Xmas Cruise in Halong Bay. Source: Bhaya Group

Here comes the difficult part, what is the best cruise you should take to indulge yourself and your travel mates in an incredible holiday because there are so many cruise companies recently? And which bay is worth a visit: Lan Ha Bay, Bai Tu Long or Halong Bay? The answer is up to you because of depending on your travel style and the people you are traveling with. Your cruise should suit not only your budget but also your expectations and what you want to experience at the end of your trip.

Taking a December cruise is an ideal way to spend your important holiday with your loved ones. Because Halong Bay cruise ships are always fully decorated with colorful lights, and holiday-themed decorations and music fills the air which would definitely make you feel amazed and overwhelmed by holiday mood.

xmas decor on Halong Bay Cruise
Xmas Decoration. Source: Bhaya Group
Xmas Decoration on luxury cruise.
Xmas Decoration on luxury cruise. Source: Bhaya Group
xmas cruises instrumental performance
Xmas Cruise instrumental performance. Source: Bhaya Group

They also have lots of interesting onboard activities for you to involve and enjoy such as mini games, dance performance, lucky draw, and especially Gala Dinner which is a countdown party on sundeck filled with bubble Champagne and live music which dance your night away. Gliding along the bright turquoise water past towering limestone rock formations while celebrating the most important days on cruise ship is truly an unforgettable experience.

Beside that, you still have many off board activities that you need to experience in order to fulfill your adventure with amazing things. Here is the list you should check out:


  • Squid fishing must be one of the kind activity you should not miss.

Squid fishing in Halong Bay

  • Water bouldering is a good thing to do here as well but you should check out the weather first.


  • Biking around Cat Ba Island.

  • Trekking to explore every corner and admire beautiful scenes.

If you are interested in cruising during Christmas and New Year Holiday and want to check out more information about the special rates and promotions or any special event on any cruise, please keep an eye here.

2. Admire beautiful site which is off-the-beaten-path – Perfume Pagoda

If you are a kind of introvert and you are much more into peaceful place than crowded to enjoy your own Christmas and New Year, nothing is better than exploring Perfume Pagoda or Moc Chau Plateau.

moc chau plateau vietnam christmas new year 2019
Smiling kids in Moc Chau Plateau when spring comes
huong pagoda festival vietnam christmas new year 2019
Perfume pagoda (Huong pagoda) festival in Vietnam

The Perfume Pagoda (which is originally named as Huong Pagoda), is considered to be the most beautiful landscape and sacred caving pagoda in Vietnam that you should not miss once you come. It is a vast complex of Buddhist temples and shrines built into the limestone Huong Tich mountain. It is the site of a religious festival which draws large numbers of pilgrims from across Vietnam.
I guess you are now wondering what is anything else you can do when you come to Perfume Pagoda besides praying to the God? So, let me tell you. There always be a reason which attracts people to come here.


Visitors of the Perfume Pagoda always set in their heart the interesting and refreshing feeling of taking a boat along a small stream on the way there. This romantic 4 – kilometer – long – “Yen Stream” – winds around mountains.


During winter, the Yen Stream becomes more peaceful. And it is definitely the best time for you to check this beautiful spot out. Because there are no busy lines of boats or laughter and chatter heard. No annoying noise in this period of time! Sometimes, only a few off-season tourists come to enjoy themselves among the simple lives of the locals.

The other special thing you can have a chance to catch is Water Lilies. If you come here in December, you will see water lilies in bloom.

Water lilies bloom in perfume pagoda vietnam christmas new year 2019

A woman riding boat among water lilies in perfume pagoda vietnam christmas new year 2019

And what about Moc Chau plateau? What can you expect from it for Christmas and New Year’s time?

Just want to let you know more that: Be located about 200 kilometers west of Hanoi, it is one of the most attractive places in Vietnam in December. It is well-known for poetic landscapes with endless grass fields, huge gardens of plum and apricot trees and various flowers, immense tea plantations and large herds of milk cows.

During the holiday, there are vast forests of blossoming plum trees, especially around Kia Cave, Paco, and Tan Lap tribal village, where the white plum flowers are so numerous that they are like snow blanketing the valleys.



What’s more? You can also visit tea farms and learn how to pick tea leaves, dry them and then brew a cup of tea and enjoy it in the cold weather.

Such a good experience that you should try once in your lifetime.

3. Ring the special night at Rooftop bars

If you are party people, the best way to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve is to party at a rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh City. What is the special thing about it? Because it is the perfect combination of fancy drinks, good service and a great view of the firework that you can totally admire with your friends and raise a toast meanwhile.

There are many other places for different budgets for you to check out which one is the best for your pocket. Keep in mind that you will probably need to make a reservation for most of these places, so call early to get the best view. Some offer dinner packages as well.



4. Mingle with the crowd, watch firework and celebrate with everyone

So, what if you are loving mingling with the crowd to truly feel the heat and the excitement from everyone before the important moment comes? So Vietnam is definitely hit a big score in your heart!

There is insane traffic (but we bet you will enjoy it, cause the feeling is totally different – not angry and mad like the way we are suffering the traffic in the normal day), massive crowd and horns constantly blaring, spirits are high and everyone has a lot of fun.

We are sure that New Year’s Eve in Vietnam is an unforgettable atmosphere every year – hundreds of thousands of people enjoying time with their friends and families.

At midnight firework will shoot off to end the old year and begin new things to people. This is the momentous memory that we bet you will never forget.


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