Interesting facts about Halong Bay cruise

After giving you all cool facts about Halong Bay, I believe that I need to step the game up. Therefore, I am giving you a list of Interesting facts about Halong Bay CRUISE. Yes, these facts, ONLY about Halong Bay CRUISE, are not new, quite old in fact, but have never been synthesized before. So, I try my best to collect and present you the best information that you might find useful to read.

Halong Bay facts

General facts about Halong Bay cruise

Halong cruises have 2 types of hull: wooden hull and steel hull.

Travel cruises divided into 3 types: budget, mid-range and luxury.

Beside 2D1N or 3D2N cruise tour, there are one day cruises for ones who are tight on schedule.

You might hear the word “junk cruise” many times. It is not a second-hand cruise or a cruise full of trash. It is basically a cruise with Chinese or Vietnamese traditional designs.

Halong and Bai Tu Long Bay have 534 cruises, including 202 overnight cruises and 332 day trip cruises.

There have never been any 5-star cruises sailing to Lan Ha Bay until the launch of Orchid Cruise in November of 2016.

According to Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, capacity of all of cruises in Halong Bay is redundant. To be specific: only 50% of all overnight cruises are operating, and the number of day trip cruises is only 42%. With the current growth rate of Halong tourism, not until 2025 will all 534 cruise ships operate with full capacity.

Due to high competition, the price of a cruise trip is reducing drastically. Specifically, price of overnight cruise decreases from 300-400 USD down to 100-150 USD.

Previously in June, Bhaya cruise group cooperated with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to organize a campaign to clean up the Bay in Vung Ha area.

Policy facts about Halong Bay cruise

Wooden hull cruises have 15 years and steel hull cruises have 25 years since the registration is granted to operate in Halong Bay. In fact, they have 10 more years to operate according to 111/2014/NĐ-CP, but harsh environment of Halong Bay makes it optimal to keep the age of wooden one at only 15.

In 2012, all travel cruises in Halong Bay were asked by the local government to be painted white. This policy met a lot of apposition from cruises’ owners. That was why the policy change and did not require them to paint their whole appearance in white but to have at least some white paint color on the skin and they were also granted permission to diversify their own painting style to match their current conditions. This is the reason why all cruises now in Halong Bay look like they are wearing uniform.

Recently, People’s Committee of Quang Ninh is trying to reduce the number of wooden hull cruises. However, it is a challenge because among 534 cruises, 81% are wooden hull. There will still be 400 wooden ones left in 2020 and not until 2030 will all the wooden hull cruises be removed from Halong Bay.

Quang Ninh government is encouraging cruise owners to change their cruise’s hull into steel by 2020 even though their cruises are still legal to operate in Halong Bay. This policy is published to improve the safety standard of every cruise in Halong.

Hong Long cruise was suspended for 6 months in May for charging tourist ridiculous price – a good sight of tourism management.

There are 5 government departments managing the transport operations of tourists on Ha Long Bay, including: the Department of Transportation; Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Department of Provincial police; Department of fire fighter and Ha Long Bay Management Board.

At the moment, there are no specific laws and rules to manage travel cruise ships. All the laws right now are applying for both travel cruise and normal passenger transport ship.


Hope these facts about Halong Bay cruise once again amaze you. Halong Bay management board is having a lot of changes to make the Bay deserve its title of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and moreover, to highly increase the safety standards of all cruises operating in Halong Bay with many recently published policies.

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