Each year, 3.000.000+ international travelers visit Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay. More and more of them are trying the Bays overnight cruise phenomenon. But:

  • What exactly is a cruise in the bays?
  • Why does it attract so many different types of travelers?
  • What makes it so popular?
  • And most importantly, how can YOU experience this incredible way of traveling?

You will have all these questions answered & bunches of your cruise-related problems solved just by a click.

This is your ultimate guide to travel to one of the best World Heritage natural landscape destinations in the most convenient, enjoyable and enriching way!

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Enjoying Tet Holiday in Vietnam is Awesome!
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Top Travel Tips for Tet Holiday in Vietnam

Tet plays an important role in Vietnamese culture because it’s the time for family reunion, new chances, and hope- as well as forgetting troubles about

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Vietnam is Safe to Travel!

Many tourists have asked the question:”Is it safe to travel to Vietnam now?”. The answer has been always YES. “The Travel Risk Map for 2017”

Christmas on Signature Cruise Halong
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Dazzling Christmas on Signature Cruise Halong

Christmas is coming! As one of the loveliest seasons approaches, everyone seems cheerful and jolly, and so does Signature Cruise Halong! A festive cruise brings

Cruises for baby boomers
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Halong Bay cruises for baby boomers

A huge number of older Americans travel day by day. While some travel brands are choosing to focus on appealing to millennial travelers who are

halong hub on magazine
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Halong Hub on AsiaLIFE Media Vol.104

Elijah Ferrian learns about the new Halong Bay travel site, Halong Hub, and peers into what the future of booking travel may look like in

Top 4 unique Halong Bay souvenirs
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Top 4 unique Halong Bay souvenirs

Many friends of mine, when they travel to Halong Bay or even they are planning a trip to explore Halong Bay, all come up with

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$220 Halong Bay Tour Give Away!

Halong Bay is always on a must-go list of every travellers. Stunning limestones among pristine water will totally be a memorable moments for you and

Thien Cung Cave: A Nature's Gift

Thien Cung Cave: Nature’s Gift in Halong Bay

There are many beautiful caves to explore throughout Halong Bay, but perhaps the most interesting and legend-filled of all is the unique winding pathway through