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Halong Bay View

When Is the Best Time to Visit Halong Bay?

Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, is a must-see attraction for every avid traveler when visiting Vietnam. In case…

15 Fascinating Things To Do in Halong Bay

A UNESCO World Heritage Site famed throughout the world for its scenic beauty, Halong Bay has always been regarded as a top destination for a relaxing cruise holiday. But aside…


Top 3 Most Beautiful Halong Bay Beaches

Some are vast, sandy expanses; others tiny and tucked away- Halong Bay’s beaches are, without doubt, among the area’s top highlights. Halong Bay’s landscape is famed throughout the world; the…

Top 5 Halong Bay Caves Worth Visiting

Top 5 Halong Bay Caves Worth Visiting

Home to 59 ‘discovered’ grottoes, the caves in Halong Bay are fascinating, significant, and laden with culture. The twice recognised UNESCO World Heritage Site is an ethereal landscape not to be found…

Breathtaking view from Titov Island

Titop Island: As Compelling As Its Legend

Titop Island sits at the heart of Halong Bay, just 8 kilometers to the southeast of Bai Chay Harbor. It has an ideal and favorable location in the complex landscape…

Thien Cung Cave: A Nature's Gift

Thien Cung Cave: Nature’s Gift in Halong Bay

There are many beautiful caves to explore throughout Halong Bay, but perhaps the most interesting and legend-filled of all is the unique winding pathway through the “Heavenly Palace,” Thien Cung…

Bai Tho mountain - discover halong on the top

Bai Tho Mountain: Discover Halong from on Top

When referring to Halong, people often think of Halong Bay – the UNESCO World Heritage site with thousands of islands, white sandy beaches, and delicious seafood. However, few people know…

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Top 8 coolest World Heritage Sites in Southeast Asia

Top 8 coolest World Heritage Sites in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is an amazing destination for traveling and exploring beautiful sights. Towering mountain ranges, impossibly green paddy fields, jungles, beaches, caves… the list goes on. If you have a…

5 Amazing Ways to View Halong Bay from Above

Wondering what is the greatest Halong Bay viewpoint? If so, check this out! Halong Bay is famous for its terrific beauty, with thousands of limestone karst caves and structures. Hundreds…

Unveiling the mysterious Legends of Halong Bay

Unveiling the mysterious Legends of Halong Bay

Folklore and legends are an integral part of Vietnamese culture as it is in many countries around the world. For history buffs or curious visitors in general, folklore passed down…

Magnificent Halong Bay in Hollywood movies

Magnificent Halong Bay in Hollywood movies

As one of the first landscapes in Vietnam recognized as a world natural heritage site, Halong Bay is the most famous tourist site in all of Vietnam. With the expansion…

Best Bays to Cruise in 2017

Top 5 of the Best Cruise Destinations in 2020

Cruises hold a special place in the minds of holiday makers and travel lusters; it represents something more than just your average holiday – it’s adventure, it’s status, it’s class….