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Top 10 Halong Bay Luxury Cruises for 2020

Dotted with thousands of jagged limestone islands, Halong Bay is one of Vietnam’s top tourist attractions. The vast majority of its 6 million annual visitors arrive aboard day and overnight cruises. 2020 is even more promising as authorities expect the number of tourists to double with the launch of many new cruise lines. The multitude of tours on offer … Read more


Brand New Halong Bay Luxury Cruises in 2019

The new year brings a plenty of fresh opportunities for dreamy 5 – star cruise holiday in Halong Bay such as greater itinerary, more luxury cabins, more interesting experience during cruising… Let’s take a look at the list below to see which Halong Bay cruise resonates with you!

8 Questions To Ask Before You Book Any Halong Bay Cruise

No doubt, cruising Halong Bay is a must. But, with the crowded number of boats there and the all-too-similar itineraries those companies promise, you will surely be overwhelmed. A wrong decision could totally spoil your trip. So, better safe than sorry, to save yourself from tons of cruise mishaps caused by rush decision:  Being on … Read more

Top Budget Halong Bay Cruises that are Great Value for Money

Cruising through Halong Bay is on top of most people’s lists when it comes to traveling in Vietnam, but despite what you may think when you hear the word “cruise” it doesn’t always need to cost an arm and a leg. You might be among those who have your reservations about a ‘budget Halong Bay … Read more

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The Best Halong Bay Cruises to Off-the-Beaten-Track Areas

As more and more people flock to visit the famous World Heritage site, visitors are craving a more intimate experience. If you’re one of these travelers seeking a Halong Bay cruise “off the beaten track”, then this article is for you. Which are the best Halong Bay cruises off the beaten track? Below you’ll find … Read more

How to Find the Best Halong Bay Family Cruises

How to Find the Best Halong Bay Family Cruises

Halong Bay, the internationally renowned World Heritage Site, is certainly a trip not to be missed by you and your family during your time in Vietnam. Thanks to the extensive Halong Bay family cruise options available, you can be sure to find something to suit the specific needs and desires of each of your family … Read more

Best Bays to Cruise in 2017

Top 5 of the Best Cruise Destinations in 2020

Cruises hold a special place in the minds of holiday makers and travel lusters; it represents something more than just your average holiday – it’s adventure, it’s status, it’s class. The jet-setting, globe-travelling community has plenty to say about which of the watery corners of the world should top the list for best cruise destinations- … Read more

Cruises for baby boomers

Halong Bay cruises for baby boomers

A huge number of older Americans travel day by day. While some travel brands are choosing to focus on appealing to millennial travelers who are risk-taking, adventure-seeking, passionate and spontaneous world travelers, the others now tend to switch for more “big-fish” type of customers, like baby boomers. Especially since baby boomers are making travel a … Read more

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Top rated Halong Bay Cruise Recommendations

If you’re considering a trip to Halong Bay but you need some advice on which cruise is for you: you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got a number of Halong Bay cruise recommendations here to suit every kind of traveler, and virtually every budget. Top class cruises If top-of-the-line is what you’re looking for, … Read more

Interesting facts about Halong Bay cruise

Interesting facts about Halong Bay cruise

After giving you all cool facts about Halong Bay, I believe that I need to step the game up. Therefore, I am giving you a list of Interesting facts about Halong Bay CRUISE. Yes, these facts, ONLY about Halong Bay CRUISE, are not new, quite old in fact, but have never been synthesized before. So, … Read more

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What to Expect from Your Halong Bay Travel Experience

As Vietnam’s overall tourism numbers continue to shoot upwards, Halong Bay travel is exploding in popularity as more and more people come to spend some time in the exquisite landscape. Formed through eons of erosive force, Halong Bay’s beauty- the renowned UNESCO World Heritage site- has won a coveted place among six other Natural Wonders … Read more

Why You Should Book Orchid Cruise Halong

Halong Hub is proud to exclusively announce that Orchid Cruise Halong, the first 5-star cruise in Halong Bay to develop an itinerary sailing through Lan Ha Bay, will launch its operation on November 5th, 2016. It is now possible to book Orchid Cruise Halong tour on HalongHub.com. HalongHub.com guarantees the best deals online and offers … Read more

Top 10 reasons why you should Book Halong Bay Cruise

1. Wonderful Memories Onboard a Halong Bay Cruise Boat There is no doubt about it, the very first of those reasons to book halong bay cruise is because it will provide you with enough memories to last a lifetime. The whole experience onboard your cruise boat is one of great food, luxurious lifestyle and relaxation. … Read more