A traditional house at Yen Duc Village

Head Out To Yen Duc Village Before Everything Changes!

Your trip to Vietnam cannot be fully completed without a visit to a peaceful village that still retains its authentic lifestyle. And with only short drive from Halong Bay and Hanoi, you can trace back to Vietnamese traditional culture in Yen Duc village. Yen Duc village was recognized as a national heritage in 1993. Location … Read more

Adventure Activities to Capture the Best of Vietnam feature image

Visit Vietnam – Top Adventure Activities

Vietnam has something for everyone; wild and adventurous backpackers, urban explorers, nature appreciators, and luxury seekers alike. This is made possible, predominantly by the fact that the country is so wonderfully diverse; no matter what your interests are, Vietnam is sure to whet your appetite for travel experiences and satisfy even the most severe cases … Read more

Where to explore after your Halong Bay trip? Hanoi, for sure!

Where to explore after your Halong Bay trip? Hanoi, for sure!

There’s a common question that many friends and travelers ask me once they finish their amazing visit to Halong Bay: “What can I do once I’m back to Hanoi?” Most of them arrive to the hotel after lunch, take a quick shower and relax, trying to find what to do during that afternoon/evening. Some of … Read more

cheaper alternatives

Cheaper and Quieter Alternatives to Halong Bay, Sapa, Hoi An & Nha Trang

As Vietnam’s tourism numbers continue to rise year on year, the usual hotspots for foreign visitors are becoming more and more crowded and forcing prices skywards. Many visitors are now looking for a cheaper, less touristy alternative that still promises not to sacrifice any of the culture or natural beauty. Last year, the country’s count … Read more

Tuan Chau Island is Halong Bay’s Beach Break Alternative

Measuring an area of just 2.2 square kilometers, Tuan Chau Island is newly developed touristic zone just outside of Halong City, known for its recreational offerings and beachside resorts. Location Sitting in the northwest of Halong Bay, Tuan Chau Island is located 8 kilometers south west of Halong City. Connected both by river and road, … Read more

See the best of the North Vietnam in 7 days

From the heaving streets of Hanoi to the rippling rice paddies of Sapa, North Vietnam is one of the region’s most coveted travel destinations. Seven days isn’t a lot of time to explore a single place, let alone an entire region. But as they say, impossible is nothing. Here’s all you need to know if … Read more