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Is It Worth Taking A Halong Bay Day Trip?

Halong is spectacular and exploring it within a day is obviously impossible. However, if that is your only choice left, this blog will help you make it doable by suggesting the best Halong bay day tours you can get. Reasons You Should Take a Halong Bay Day Trip One of the major reasons many had … Read more

What You’ll Miss if You Book a Halong Bay Day Tour

Almost everyone who visits Halong Bay agrees that one day of touring is not enough. But what exactly will you miss on a Halong Bay day tour, and is it worth it? What You’ll Miss if You go with a Halong Bay Day Tour Considering that most people will be traveling from Hanoi (or maybe … Read more

Should you book a Halong Bay day cruise or an overnight one?

Should You Book A Halong Bay 1 Day Tour?

You want to make the most out of your trip to Halong Bay with the time you have, we understand. If you’re tight for time, a Halong Bay 1 day tour can be a great way to squeeze in some action amongst the incredible landscape of this World Heritage site. So, how can you tell … Read more