halong bay tourist concerns

The Truth Behind Your Top Halong Bay Travel Concerns

So, you’re considering a Halong Bay visit but you’re hesitant because you’ve heard something on the grapevine that’s putting you off. In this article, we are going to look at the top Halong Bay travel concerns and debunk them based on personal experience, deep research, and testimonials from other travelers. Let’s look at the top … Read more

Vietnam is Safe to Travel!

Many tourists have asked the question:”Is it safe to travel to Vietnam now?”. The answer has been always YES. “The Travel Risk Map for 2017” report has been published by medical and security experts from international SOS and control risks. Through the report, it is said that Vietnam is safe to travel. It’s deeply researched … Read more

Vegetarian Options in Halong Bay Cruise

I’m a Vegetarian on Halong Bay cruise: What are My Options?

Being a veggie can be tough, especially when it comes to eating out in foreign places. But here’s the thing: Halong Bay shouldn’t be skipped by any traveler in Vietnam, especially because of something like food concerns. So, what are your options as a vegan or vegetarian on a Halong Bay cruise? Never fear, the … Read more

Top 4 unique Halong Bay souvenirs

Top 4 unique Halong Bay souvenirs

Many friends of mine, when they travel to Halong Bay or even they are planning a trip to explore Halong Bay, all come up with the same question:  “What should we buy as gifts for our friends and family?”. Souvenirs are tough to buy. As well, so much of the stuff that grabs the eye … Read more

Avoiding Halong booking cruise scam

How to Avoid a Halong Cruise Scams when booking tours

Your Vietnamese adventure is in full-swing, and now it’s come time to book a Halong Bay cruise; sadly, this is a process that often goes wrong when customers are faced with Halong cruise scams and ‘cowboy’ tour agencies. To become more aware of these dastardly scam tactics, this guide will help you to avoid all … Read more

dirty Halong Bay

Dirty Halong Bay with garbage and pollution: NO MORE!

Wandering around many big travel forums like Tripadvisor, I realize that even though there are many good reviews, people’s perceptions of dirty Halong Bay being filled with garbage and pollution is still a big critique. Environmental problems are a huge aspect that causes foreigners to hesitate visiting Vietnam in general and booking a cruise to … Read more