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More Than Just Halong Bay: Northern Vietnam Highlights

Widely considered one of the absolute highlights of Southeast Asia, Halong Bay attracts the bulk of tourism in northern Vietnam, and for a good reason. But because of its massive popularity, it also overshadows other captivating destinations in the region. From the heaving streets of Hanoi to the rippling rice paddies of Sapa, northern Vietnam … Read more

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Halong Bay Party Cruise: Best Choice For Young Adults

If you’ve searched for ‘Halong Bay party cruise’ and reached this blog post, pretty sure you are fed up with massive number of travel agencies who offers the same trip with same boring activities! Doing Taichi, watching cooking demonstration or sitting fixed on a bamboo boat? No, those don’t suit your wild soul! A party cruise … Read more

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Visit Vietnam – Top Adventure Activities

Vietnam has something for everyone; wild and adventurous backpackers, urban explorers, nature appreciators, and luxury seekers alike. This is made possible, predominantly by the fact that the country is so wonderfully diverse; no matter what your interests are, Vietnam is sure to whet your appetite for travel experiences and satisfy even the most severe cases … Read more

Where to explore after your Halong Bay trip? Hanoi, for sure!

Where to explore after your Halong Bay trip? Hanoi, for sure!

There’s a common question that many friends and travelers ask me once they finish their amazing visit to Halong Bay: “What can I do once I’m back to Hanoi?” Most of them arrive to the hotel after lunch, take a quick shower and relax, trying to find what to do during that afternoon/evening. Some of … Read more

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Cheaper and Quieter Alternatives to Halong Bay, Sapa, Hoi An & Nha Trang

As Vietnam’s tourism numbers continue to rise year on year, the usual hotspots for foreign visitors are becoming more and more crowded and forcing prices skywards. Many visitors are now looking for a cheaper, less touristy alternative that still promises not to sacrifice any of the culture or natural beauty. Last year, the country’s count … Read more

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The Best Halong Bay Cruises to Off-the-Beaten-Track Areas

As more and more people flock to visit the famous World Heritage site, visitors are craving a more intimate experience. If you’re one of these travelers seeking a Halong Bay cruise “off the beaten track”, then this article is for you. Which are the best Halong Bay cruises off the beaten track? Below you’ll find … Read more

More Than Just a Cruise: Top Halong Bay Activities

More than just a Cruise: Top 8 Halong Bay Cruise Activities

The growing demand from tourists who visit Halong Bay has spurred cruise companies to develop more unusual and unique activities in order to remain competitive and satisfy guests’ longing for adventure. Halong Bay has experienced an explosion of tourism interest in the past few years, so naturally, the number of tour operators has been multiplying … Read more

Tuan Chau Island is Halong Bay’s Beach Break Alternative

Measuring an area of just 2.2 square kilometers, Tuan Chau Island is newly developed touristic zone just outside of Halong City, known for its recreational offerings and beachside resorts. Location Sitting in the northwest of Halong Bay, Tuan Chau Island is located 8 kilometers south west of Halong City. Connected both by river and road, … Read more

Enjoying Tet Holiday in Vietnam is Awesome!

Top Travel Tips for Tet Holiday in Vietnam

Tet plays an important role in Vietnamese culture because it’s the time for family reunion, new chances, and hope- as well as forgetting troubles about the year gone by. It usually occurs in late January to mid-February; this year Tet holiday is coming a bit sooner because the first day of the lunar year is … Read more

Halong Beer - Let’s taste Halong Bay Spirit

Halong Beer: Let’s taste Halong Bay Spirit!

Who says Germans are the only fans of beer? Pack your stuff and head to Vietnam to see how the local people get crazy over a glass of beer. Brew is so common that you can find it everywhere you go. From local groceries to fancy restaurants, vendors to five-star hotels, and from the urban … Read more

Top 5 Places to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Top 5 Places to Celebrate Anniversary with your Significant Other

What is the best way to celebrate marriage? With a trip, of course! If you are looking and you want to do something special for your beloved, Southeast Asia is one of the best choices. Here they have delicious food with a variety of tasty flavors, diverse cultures and exciting festivals with many special ways … Read more

Best Bays to Cruise in 2017

Top 5 of the Best Cruise Destinations in 2020

Cruises hold a special place in the minds of holiday makers and travel lusters; it represents something more than just your average holiday – it’s adventure, it’s status, it’s class. The jet-setting, globe-travelling community has plenty to say about which of the watery corners of the world should top the list for best cruise destinations- … Read more

Whole new experience with Halong Bay seaplane tours

Whole new experience with seaplane in Halong Bay

It may very well have won itself a place on the list of “7 Natural Wonders of the World”, but viewing the Halong Bay landscape from above puts things into a whole new perspective. Since 2014, you can now travel to and tour around by seaplane in Halong Bay, and every since these tours first … Read more

Top 4 unique Halong Bay souvenirs

Top 4 unique Halong Bay souvenirs

Many friends of mine, when they travel to Halong Bay or even they are planning a trip to explore Halong Bay, all come up with the same question:  “What should we buy as gifts for our friends and family?”. Souvenirs are tough to buy. As well, so much of the stuff that grabs the eye … Read more

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What to Expect from Your Halong Bay Travel Experience

As Vietnam’s overall tourism numbers continue to shoot upwards, Halong Bay travel is exploding in popularity as more and more people come to spend some time in the exquisite landscape. Formed through eons of erosive force, Halong Bay’s beauty- the renowned UNESCO World Heritage site- has won a coveted place among six other Natural Wonders … Read more

Top 8 coolest World Heritage Sites in Southeast Asia

Top 8 coolest World Heritage Sites in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is an amazing destination for traveling and exploring beautiful sights. Towering mountain ranges, impossibly green paddy fields, jungles, beaches, caves… the list goes on. If you have a chance, make sure you pay a visit to a few UNESCO World Heritage sites in Southeast Asia. Here are the top 8 world heritage sites … Read more

5 reasons to travel solo to Halong Bay

To travel solo is a huge trend among youths and seems to be constantly increasing. When you travel solo, it not only allows you to have more freedom, but it also gives you the opportunity to discover places as well as connect with other people. So, why not travel solo to Halong Bay? According to … Read more

Top Spots in Halong Bay Off-the-Beaten-Track

If you are planning that vacation to Halong, one of the steps you can take is to choose where abouts that are not your classic locals. In other words, stay out of the tourism destinations and look for off beaten track in Halong Bay that deliver something more fascinating, even mind-blowing or majestic. Here are … Read more