Top 5 Places to Celebrate Anniversary with your Significant Other

What is the best way to celebrate marriage? With a trip, of course! If you are looking and you want to do something special for your beloved, Southeast Asia is one of the best choices. Here they have delicious food with a variety of tasty flavors, diverse cultures and exciting festivals with many special ways to celebrate. Moreover, countries in the region like Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia have tons of romantic spots that are beyond wonderful for having memorable experiences together.

From wallet-friendly honeymoon destinations to ultra-luxurious honeymoon packages, you’ll find almost everything to suit your desires on this continent. Here are our picks for dreamy fairytale anniversary locations in Southeast Asia.

Koh Rong, Cambodia

Koh Rong is located about 25 kilometers from Sihanoukville, in the Gulf of Thailand. The island has 43 km of beautiful sandy beaches along both its Eastern and Western shores.

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Now, this really is the jewel on this list. If you want your party to have a tinge of Robinson Crusoe to it, this is the place for you.

It’s not about the craziest parties, it’s more about the atmosphere. It’s still in the embryonic stage, where travelers have found a piece of paradise, tell others, and slowly they all congregate. Think beers on the beach ‘round a fire (though there are the bars with their sound systems too). The real gem on this island? The glowing phytoplankton in the calm, picturesque sea at night. Who needs neon lights when you have nature?

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Boracay, Philippines

This tropical paradise was hailed as the 2013 Best Beach in Asia by TripAdvisor, and took second place in the 2013 World’s Best Islands list in Travel and Leisure. Besides the stunning, powdery white-sand beaches, Boracay is also ideal for couples to celebrate their memorable anniversary. You can find affordable hotels on Boracay island that are close to the myriad of fun activities you can enjoy.

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Adventurous couples can participate in exhilarating sports and outdoor activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing and windsurfing on Bulabog Beach. Both can discover the island’s beauty through an afternoon of horseback riding as well. Sounds great right? You and your beloved can also have front-row seats to the captivating Boracay sunset by renting a paraw sailboat, or by simply setting up a private picnic or dinner by the beach.

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Halong Bay, Vietnam

There is nothing quite like the thrill of adventure and exploration of something new to bring you closer to the one you love. Halong Bay is the perfect place to spend time with someone special, to reconnect and rekindle old flames, or to celebrate the beginning of your journey together on your honeymoon. Whatever the occasion, here in Halong Bay you’ll find the romance and the fun that you’re looking for.

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Dining in the caves, BBQ on white sandy beaches at night or watching the sunset in the evening are all great activities for couples. It’s a great time for taking some memorable picture of you and your beloved since the view is beyond imaginable.

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Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is well known as the “Pearl of the South” or the “Pearl of the Andaman Sea” and this place definitely lives up to its flashy nickname because of pleasant weather, majestic sandy beaches, and bustling nightlife. The largest and most visited island in Thailand is perfect for a couple’s anniversary because of the various kinds of entertainment choices available from the first light of morning until midnight. There is a designated beach for every type of person visiting Phuket. Couples who prefer mingling with crowds can enjoy noisy and hedonistic Patong beach, while the laid-back ones can take pleasure in the ambiance of Karon beach. The South of Kata has beaches that are nice and quiet as well as less touristy, so does the North of Patong and Kamala such as Surin, Bang Tao, and Nai Yang.

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Phuket – land of luxurious resorts.

Besides relaxing at the beaches, couples can also visit the town’s busy markets, Sino-Portuguese architecture and Chinese herbal clinics. You can easily rent a car or scooter to check out Phuket’s viewpoints for sunset.

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Bali, Indonesia

Bali stands for “heaven”. So, technically speaking, you really have the chance to visit heaven. This small island in Indonesia has landscapes that you’ll find only in fairy tales. From volcanoes to lush green fields, Bali remains a dreamy honeymoon destination in Asia for lovers, offering a fantasy-like experience.

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An intimate paradise experience awaits couples on the island of Bali. This Indonesian attraction boasts crystal blue waters, white and black sand beaches, tropical forests, lush landscapes, and ancient temples. There are several activities to choose from, like aquatic sports, cycling, or a guided walk through the rainforest and the beautiful temples. For those who want some food variety aside from hotel fare, they can enjoy a delicious dinner experience from the rooftop restaurants in Seminyak.

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And here are some tips just in case you need more

  • Don’t procrastinate: Booking plane tickets and specialty suites need to be done well in advance.
  • Work as a team. Plan the anniversary together as planning is always an important step. This ensures a balanced vacation that both can enjoy and afford.
  • Seek advice.  Ask your friends who have traveled to Southeast Asia before for advice, hotels and restaurants, but don’t copy their itineraries step-by-step. Be sure your trip is as unique as you are.
  • Budget accordingly. While it is possible to book a budget-friendly anniversary trip, be sure you set aside enough money to cover a quality vacation. If you can’t afford a long trip in a far-flung locale, consider a shorter trip or vacationing closer to home.

Finally: HAVE FUN!!!

So what are your choices for your anniversary? Tell us your plans in the comments below.

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