5 Amazing Ways to View Halong Bay from Above

Wondering what is the greatest Halong Bay viewpoint? If so, check this out!

Halong Bay is famous for its terrific beauty, with thousands of limestone karst caves and structures. Hundreds or even thousands of tourists visit this charming place every day.

There are many ways to explore Halong Bay like cruising on boats, junks or a luxury cruise.

However, Halong Bay looks extremely different from another vantage point – above. There are 5 extraordinary ways to get such a perfect Halong Bay viewpoint.

Seaplane tour and helicopter – A panoramic Halong Bay viewpoint

By Seaplane

Being one of the top 10 fascinating things to do when you’re in Halong Bay, a seaplane tour gives a truly spectacular Halong Bay viewpoint to bear witness to the beauty of this “Descending Dragon”.

Taking off from the Tuan Chau Island Marina, this 25-minute sightseeing flight takes in all the best views of Halong Bay, with amazing highlights over the magnificent landscape of limestone pillars reaching up from the green waters.

The islands, scattered all over the bay, have different shapes which provoke the imagination and recall the passage of time, waiting thousands of years to seek justice in Heaven. The sightseeing tour will be unforgettable as you admire this breath-taking beauty from the highest view possible.

Hai Au Aviation is currently the only company offering this great opportunity.

Stunning view of Halong Bay from seaplane ©Hai Au Aviation

A corner of Halong Bay from above

Similar to seaplane tour, traveling from Hanoi to Halong bay by this kind of transportation definitely blow your mind. However, it will cost you. Prices are from $7000 to $1500 for each flight.

No matter how many people take part in, the price is fixed. Because of that situation, it is much better if you travel in a large group. The more people, the lower the charges.

By Helicopter (Newly launched in June 2019)

Since June 2019, you will have one more option to view Halong Bay from above.

Northern Vietnam Helicopter Company has recently launched a series of tourism flights over the scenic Ha Long Bay area. Two Bell 505 helicopters are used for the scenic flight service.

They offer 3 different routing areas, with prices ranging between 125 USD and 396 USD per person.

The cheapest journey last 12 minutes and will hover over six tourist sites, while the most expensive experience lasts for 40 minutes with views of 17 different sites along Ha Long Bay.

Flights depart from and arriving at Tuan Chau island, which is about 170-kilometers from Hanoi capital.

Helicopter tour to Halong Bay
Helicopter over Lan Ha Bay

Top of the mountain

There are many tour offers that provide you with a combo of all outdoor activities like kayaking, swimming, rock climbing especially mountain trekking. The top two hottest mountains checked in by plenty of visitors, both foreign and domestic, are Bai Tho mountain and Titop mountain.

Each mountain gives a different enjoyable Halong Bay viewpoint. While in Bai Tho mountain, you can see the whole landscape of Halong city and the front of Halong Bay. You can also see the entire Halong Bay and a bit of Bai Tu Long Bay from Titop mountain since Titop island is located center of Halong Bay.

Say cheese! ©IG @lej.jakupovic
Titov Island may have a better view than Bai Tho Island since it’s located in the middle of Halong Bay. ©IG @mwleeplus3

The best times for the most stunning views are six in the morning and four-thirty in the afternoon since watching the sunrise and sunset on Halong Bay is absolutely beyond comprehension from these points of view.

Fortunately, Bai Tho mountain is not too bad of a trek to get to the top. It is just 200 meters in height, and about a 30 minute journey. This is also an ideal place for capturing couple moments.

Fabulous view on top of Bai Tho Mountain. ©IG @doyoutravel

Queen Telpher and the Sun Wheel

In operation from the beginning of July 2016, Queen Telpher is a new way to witness the beauty of Halong city and Halong Bay. This cable car system received two Guinness World Records for “The World’s highest telpher pillar” and “Largest capacity telpher cabin”.

Queen Telpher was advised and designed by a collective of internationally reputed telpher companies from Austria, Switzerland. The system is approximately 2300 meters in length and 190 meters in height. Moreover, its cabins can carry 230 persons per car.

Queen Telpher Cabin. ©Zing.vn
Queen Telpher is also a great way to get the top Halong Bay viewpoint. ©Zing.vn

Sun Wheel is a Ferris wheel of Sun World Halong Park located near Bai Chay bridge. If you too busy to explore Caves or have fun in beach at daylight, Sun Wheel is a good choice for you to have an above view of Halong in night time.

When the sun goes down, the city is dazzling. Having some gossip with your friends and watching city at night are quite amazing.

Sunwheel Halong Bay. ©Zing.vn
Halong City and Halong Bay. ©Zing.vn

Height 177

Last but not least, Height 177 is also an interesting place on this list. Formerly a French military observation and defense point, this high point features huge cannons and trench and shelter systems of fortifications that were built in 1940s and used throughout the Vietnam War.

Located in Cat Ba island, this point of view encompasses the entire view of Lan Ha Bay, a part of Halong Bay region. Beside the good view to observe from, there are plenty of activities like rock climbing or trekking.

Way leads to Height 177
Height 177 in Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay
Lan Ha Bay is also a part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites Halong Bay region

Have you ever had a viewpoint of Halong Bay from above? Did we miss out on your favorite spot? If not, please contact us for details.

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