Halong Bay, Vietnam – My Beloved Second Home!

Kittisak Srichan, the Manager of a 5-star Orchid Luxury Cruise in Halong, told us in an interview that Halong Bay Vietnam is his second home and he loves the place more than anything.

Kittisak Srichan and his staff on Orchid Cruise Halong.

He was born and raised in Nakhon Sawan province which is 240 kilometers away from the capital Bangkok. In an exciting and warm tone of voice, he shares how he first knew about Halong Bay in 2005 through a friend of his who was working in the tourism industry in Halong Bay. Kittisak immediately noticed Halong Bay as a spectacular nature gift with huge limestones, karst caves, magnificent scenery and pristine blue water which motivated him to move here and works as a staff at Halong Plaza Hotel, one of the 4-star hotels around then, that was also well-known at that time. After 10 years working in the hotel and restaurant field, and earning lots of experience, management and organizing skills, Kittisak then moved ahead chose Orchid Cruise Halong as a new challenge.

Orchid Cruise Halong
Orchid Cruise Halong – one of luxury cruises sailing Lan Ha – Halong itinerary

Living and working in Vietnam for 12 years now, Kittisak Srichan can speak Vietnamese fluently. His daily routine and living style are like Vietnamese as well. In fact, if you meet him for the very first time, you will definitely think that he has a Vietnamese soul. He shared this words with us emotionally “I know I’m in love with this city, with this Bay at first glance. I love its unspoiled gorgeous scenery as well as friendly locals here. Halong Bay is a starting point and an end of my journey as well.

Like many foreigners, this Thai guy is inspired by Vietnamese culture, one of the most interesting point that he loves is Tet holiday in Vietnam. He’s totally impressed by the atmosphere brought by Vietnamese during these days, especially 2 to 3 days before the first day of the New Year. In these days, the streets are filled with people and motorbikes, the traffic is going crazy. Everyone gets busy on preparing traditional customs, shopping at malls, supermarkets or even vendors. Kittisak loves to see that atmosphere, everywhere on the streets, houses and stores are decorated with various kinds of flowers, lights and traditional stuffs like “bao li xi” which are red envelopes having lucky money inside, “cau doi” which is Chinese poem written on a long rectangle red paper and so on.

kittisak Srichan loves Tet holiday in Vietnam

Kittisak’s Vietnamese wife has helped him a lot in explaining and guiding him to blend to Vietnam culture. According to him, New Year eve in Thailand and Vietnam are quite the same. He told us about Thai’s Tet and tradition of his hometown with a bit of sadness in his voice because it has be a long time, living far away from his own country and it is not easy. I feel that Tet Holiday is something more than culture, it’s very sacred in every Vietnamese heart. This is the time people spend for family, time for the reunion of long lost friends, and for “Li xi” it’s really fun. Everyone loves lucky money from children to the old. Hmm, Tet’s foods are the best. Love their flavors and decoration styles!” said Kittisak Srichan.

Kittisak wishes all Vietnamese people the very best as well as travelers planning to travel to Halong Bay. May happiness, fortune and strong health come to everyone.

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