Aclass Stellar Cruise Halong Bay Cruise Reviews

Overall rating
4.6 / 5
based on 8 reviews
Review summary
  • Cruise condition/Cleanliness
    4.8 / 5
  • Room comfort/Standard
    4.6 / 5
  • Staff Performance
    4.5 / 5
  • Food/Dining
    4.5 / 5
  • Service Quality
    4.6 / 5
  • Value for money
    4.5 / 5

A stunning cruise of Ha Long bay that I strongly recommend!

We looked through many online websites and took advice of a few friends in choosing a Halong bay cruise. To save you the trouble, if you can afford it, chose this one the Halong Stellar Cruise. It is well organised, with enthusiastic crew and service that more than matched your high expectations. Two warnings, both of which apply to all cruises - the drive from Hanoi takes a long time along pretty poor roads. Also, there seems to be a 'route' that all boats take around Halong Bay, so do NOT expect silence. Saying that, this cruise was a definite highlight of a great holiday and I would strongly recommend it to anyone.

Solo travels and perfect relaxation. Learn about the history!

My second time taking A Class' Stellar cruise in halong, and it's consistent. I can say that for sure. Skipped the caves and the kayaking and just lounged around and truly enjoyed the sites. I was reading about the history of the region and all about the myths of the dragon that carved out this land. So much history and mystery to Halong Bay. Let's hope it stays this way forever.

Stellar is Stellar.

Stellar, Stellar, Stellar. Stellar service. Stellar crew with all the jokes hahah! Stellar excursions. They let you do your thing but also have a whole schedule for you to follow if you really want to experience all that Halong bay has to offer. My mates and I had a blast and met some pretty awesome people a long the way. Two thumbs way up.

Just have a blast.

Intimate rooms, perfect meals and dining areas. I know people like to complain about having to pay for drinks or whatever on the criises at Halong, but man, you're in Vietnam, and they are still cheap compared to most anywhere else! You're on a beautiful ship, live a little! Loved the squid dishes and could have stayed on the beach of these jade green waters for a lifetime. Thanks A Class and Stellar crusie halong bay!!

Can't beat Stellar ship for price and quality.

The A class Stellar cruise halong was practically brand new and it was honestly impressive compared to some of the other boats we saw while cruising. The staff here is laugh out loud fun and made us feel like we were in our second home, except it was in Vietnam! Can't recommend thus cruise enough and if we ever come back to Halong bay The halong Stellar cruise is where we will be on!

Most beautiful scenery

My wife and I visited Halong Bay and took the cruise offered by Stellar cruise. We had an excellent time as the entire itinerary was well organized. The service of all the staff and the cruise manager were outstanding. My mom is a vegetarian and the chef specially prepared an excellent vegetarian meal for us. We also had a 2-yr old boy travelling with us, and the staff were very accommodative, which made our holiday a lot easier. We highly recommend this Halong cruise to all who plan to visit Halong Bay, VIetnam.

Beautiful and luxurious

We really enjoyed the cruise in beautiful surroundings. The service was outstanding. The food was excellent. Staff were very attentive at all times and really made us feel comfortable. The accommodation was luxurious and simply perfect. Thanks to the cruise manager and his staff. We liked the good balance between relaxation on deck and activities. This is a MUST when visiting Ha Long Bay. If we ever come to Ha Long Bay again, this is the way to enjoy the nature as its best.

Amazing Two-Day Cruise

We booked on a very pleasant, relaxing, 2D cruise. The welcome reception was awesome. The cruise started with a very nice lunch. Lots of choices. There were two shore excursions on the first day; one to the caves and the second to a small beach. There was a spring roll making session before dinner. Dinner was a set menu. We're in Vietnam so we would have preferred Asian style, but I think were in the minority. Our room was very comfortable, in fact, luxurious. We had another short excursion in the morning before breakfast. Another great assortment of food. All in all very nice. But the drive to Halong Bay was long and slow as the roads were disrepair. Journey by private car is recommended.


 Fully recommend Halong Stellar Cruise.