Pelican Cruise Halong Bay Cruise Reviews

Overall rating
4.9 / 5
based on 12 reviews
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  • Cruise condition/Cleanliness
    4.9 / 5
  • Room comfort/Standard
    4.9 / 5
  • Staff Performance
    4.8 / 5
  • Food/Dining
    5 / 5
  • Service Quality
    4.9 / 5
  • Value for money
    5 / 5

Halong Bay Cruise

This really is a great way to spend a few days. Halong Hub really took care of us. The guides were pleasant and polite and gave us loads of information. The Pelican cruise Halong is fabulous, the food was amazing and Halong Bay certainly didn't disappoint. The Sung Sot cave blew me away, so big and so beautiful. I also really enjoyed the kayaking.

The Beauty of Halong Bay

A group of eight of us went up to Halong Bay for a cruise and had a total blast. We are all teachers in Ho Chi Minh City and took the opportunity to fly up to Hanoi for a few days, then take in a boat trip. Halong Bay is incredibly beautiful, better than I had even imagined. The color of the water was amazing and the islands impressive. There were 5 nationalities in our group and we all thought it the most beautiful place we have seen.

Thank You Pelican!

A big thank you to Halong Hub and all the crew onboard the Pelican cruise Halong. What a trip! The food and service was excellent, the bay was incredible and the excursions well thought out and well delivered. They collected us from our hotel bang on time, and dropped us off at the end of a very memorable three days.

We were impressed

We did a 2 day/1 night cruise. Right from our very first steps on the cruise we got a very good impression. Our eyes were wide open when we first saw our cabin. It was extremely luxurious and out of expectation with a private balcony to enjoy Halong Bay scenery. The food on board was surprisingly tasty; we had not eaten such delicious food ever since we arrived in Vietnam. We also enjoyed interesting activities such as kayaking, Spring Roll classes English was not too great but understandable and they supported us with all their best. Overall we had a great experience on the Halong Pelican cruise. Would love to recommend this luxury cruise to all our friends.

Just Magnificent!

"Ha Long bay is truly magnificent. We had heard about the beauty of Halong bay for so long and finally we decided to travel to Vietnam. We did a 2 Days 1 Night tour on Halong Pelican cruise. It was an extremely wonderful Halong cruise experience that we could ever have. We had a beautiful cabin with private balcony so that we could enjoy beautiful view whenever we were inside the cabin.


 Regarding to the service, we have to say that it was very professional and better than what we thought it could be. Additionally the food was excellent.


 You can also pay for the spa service there with reasonable price. We chose body massage for two and had an enjoyable time. It was such a big stress release and discharge after the massage.


 We could see that other passengers had good time as well that made the cruise more remarkable. 


 The trip was worth the money and we will definitely go back Halong Bay again and stay longer."

Don't miss!

Definitely Worth the Time and Money, I didn't have many expectations when I booked the Halong Pelican cruise. I'd never seen the Bay before and assumed it would be overcrowded, touristy and dirty like other places I've traveled to in Asia. But Halong Bay was a delightful surprise.The setting itself gives you a feeling of tranquility and contentment, and the staff on the Halong Pelican cruise only helped with this sense of peace and restfulness. They greeted my family and me very respectfully when we boarded the boat. Then we went to our room (big size for a cruise ship) and took a nap. Later in the day we went to the sundeck and learned tai chi from a very knowledgeable instructor. It helped us that he was one of the best English speakers aboard! After exercising we had dinner in the main dining room with the other cruise guests who came from all over the world. The food was great and all the guests talked together about where they were from and what they were doing. It was a neat bonding experience. Our luxury cruise ended too quickly and I was sad to leave the beautiful Halong Bay behind. I would recommend this Pelican cruises line to anyone wanting to get off their feet for a bit, enjoy some luxurious living, and see the beauty that the bays of Vietnam have to offer. Definitely book the Pelican cruise Halong again!

Would Not Miss This Opportunity!

Any trip to Vietnam will be a trip of your lifetime, but for our family the highlight of entire two week vacation was in the time on the Halong Pelican cruise. The trip to the bay from Hanoi was long, but after traveled overnight and it was well worth it to see the glorious bay in the early morning. The cruise staff were extremely friendly and took us immediately once we arrived. Food and drinks were a little expensive (especially by Vietnam standards) but no where nearly as expensive as on American cruises. There are different tours that can do while on the boats, but the Halong Pelican cruise was for us the most fun. This is a new cruising company, so the boats very beautiful. The boats are small and intimate, each one only has 22 cabins, you don't have to share your vacation time with thousands of annoying strangers. The interior of the boat is nice, but in all honesty, once you book a cruise you will be spending your whole time on the sundeck enjoying the Vietnamese sunshine instead! Sometimes we had a few problems communicating with the cruise because they don't all speak English well. But there is always one person around that can speak it, so was never a lack of translating services when necessary.

Great experience. Top quality boat.

We have visited Vietnam recently and the high light of our trip was the cruise we did in Halong Bay with Pelican halong cruise. It was very well organized the pick-up and drop off from Hanoi to the Wharf and vice versa. When we arrived at the bay we were given a warm welcome by the pelican cruises staff and the refreshments were very hospitable and sufficiently. We had a comfortable room with beautiful views. The food was excellent and the staff were very friendly and caring. Special thanks to the cruise management team for organizing this memorable trip and made our stay in halong memorable. We highly recommend pelican ships, their services and the food. Thank you pelican cruises and wishing you all the best.

Just do it!

"Pelican cruise Halong was an extremely enjoyable cruise. All members of staff were very friendly, helpful and productive. Food was amazing and organization of activities and visits to caves and coves smoothly maneuvered. 




 Even though the luxury cruise was priced a bit more than other boat trips and kinda expensive but this is one of a life-time experience that I have ever had. 




 Highly recommend"

Highlight of our Vietnam holiday

"Thanks to Pelican cruise Halong and all members of the staff for a wonderful vacation in Halong Bay that we will never forget. We look forward to reappearing next year. The rooms were spotless & beautiful, the excursions were entertaining and thoughtful, and the staff were always supportive. Despite poor weather we enjoyed a great vacation. Couldn't fault the boat at all. 




 Truly recommend this Halong cruise!"

All aboard the Pelican!

It’s a long long way to Halong bay to here! What a really great holiday. The Vietnamese are so friendly, they struggled a bit with our accents but everywhere we went we were treated magnificently. We had a cruise on the Pelican Halong Bay. There are hundreds of boats to choose from but I don’t hesitate in recomending this. Great staff, food, drinks, accomodation and activities. Vietnam was a lot more beautiful than I had expected and this was the best of the best. Great job Pelican.

Real good experience !

It was an amazing experience ! Every person on board was extremely friendly and helpful. Real good cook. Amazing view and nature experience in a private bay!