Signature Royal Cruise Bai Tu Long Bay Cruise Reviews

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    5 / 5
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You will NOT be disappointed!

Halong Bay, Vietnam is a beautiful nature wonder and worth visiting. Majestic limestone structures over 500 million years old are something to marvel about. The grottos, caves are something out of a fantasy movie! Stalagmites and stalactites can be seen when one visits the grottos. And we had a chance to experience those amazing things thanks to the Signature Royal halong cruise. The staff were efficient and very warm and friendly. The cabin was clean, spacious and the food served was delicious.

The downside about the trip was that the presence of floating garbage and people throwing cigarette butts into the sea. You guys should learn how to protect this majestic wonder and not to do such things.

Overall the trip was remarkable and worth the money.

Viet Kieu here. Go with Signature Royal.

Halong Signature Royal cruise sports a fantastic, but perfectly sized, intimate ship. The suites are big, luxurious, and so comfortable you could spend all of your time just lounging, enjoying the views and still be satisfied. I didn't attend some activities because I was really just looking to relax, but the friends I met while on the journey couldn't stop talking about the caves and excursions to pristine beaches. Food is delicious and plentiful. Happy hour drinks, oh man, they can get you into some trouble. The crew and the staff are the ones who make you feel very special. They try their best to make your trip memorable.

Thank you Signature Royal for making our honeymoon so special

Vietnam proved to be the perfect country in which to spend our honeymoon. The 3 days spent on the Halong Signature Royal cruise though was the highlight. The crew really made everything just perfect. They were so kind and really went the extra yard for us. The other passengers onboard also were terrific. Everyone knew it was our honeymoon and every few minutes someone was wishing us well. Halong Bay was so romantic, we had cocktails on the top deck as the lights from other boats twinkled in the moonlight, romantic eh!

Such a good experience

Cruising through Halong bay on the Halong Signature Royal Cruise was a real highlight for me. Real luxury, top quality service and great food. I traveled through Vietnam from South to North and this was the way I spent the last few days of a three week vacation. I have so many great photos and memories. I'll never forget this, and give it very high marks.

Perfect for families.

We had our children on Signature royal cruise Halong, and a lot of people warned us that doing the cruise thing with an entire family can be stressful, but we couldn't have been more relaxed and taken care of. The staff on the cruise were wonderful and would whisk one (or both) kids away as soon as we arrived at meals times. It was so nice to see the loving crew actually take initiative to show our loved ones a great time. I felt that they went out of their way to ensure that our family was satisfied, and feeling welcomed. Vietnamese people are always so caring and smiling. Ready to assist us, being foreigners, to teach us about history and all interesting facts about Halong and the surrounding area. Would highly recommend to any families considering a Halong Bay cruise.


While on board, you cruise to very exotic locations that look very much like paradise.the cabins are superb and luxuriously fitted. The dining room is lavishly furnished, complimented by a fully stocked bar full of all spirits, beers, cocktails and shakes, pretty good quality ingredients too as far as I can tell. and nice to wash down the good and exotic meals found on board.


 Apart from Vietnamese cooking classes available on board Halong Signature Royal Cruise, there is a Spa and Massage facility to help you unwind. In addition to all these, there a sun drenched rooftop deck for those wishing to enjoy the sun, which can get quite strong at times during the day so bring some sunscreen. There are available private dining quarters for those preferring a little more privacy and seclusion with dear ones.


 Additional excitement is that you board without fishing knowledge and come out as an expert at squid fishing, courtesy of the events on board, dubbed the nightly squid fishing event.


 In brief, It is competitively priced with all the internationally acceptable payment options at your disposal, although you can also pay in cash.

Great service!

Halong Signature Royal Cruise is a cruise ship with the looks of a 5 star hotel in Halong, Vietnam with 3 star pocket friendly rates. Out of the many Halong hotels, I have dined and stayed in, it is the one place where you are guaranteed to get a full smile service with staff that look like they are out of a fairy tale book. Cleanliness is second to none with accommodation categorized into 5 distinct groups, viz, Signature Junior Suite, Signature Senior suite, Exclusive Family suite, Elite Family suite & last but not least, Signature Royal suite that is fit for a king. To add to all these, there is a Restaurant and Signature Bar serving all alcoholic beverages to its resident. Unlike many other companies which veer off their main vision after some time business, Signature Royal Cruise Halong has stayed true to its mission promise of offering the best accommodation, meals and safe cruises to all its guests apart from improving lives in the local community by offering well-paying jobs to people from the locality, not to mention providing a ready market for local produce. I totally had a superb voyage in my life, would recommend this company to all of you out there.

Great craic!

I did a Halong cruise last month and thought it was great. The ride from Hanoi to Halong was long and quite tiring, however, the Bay itself is gorgeous. The surprise cave was absolutely massive, make sure you go to this one but fyi bring a flashlight cos it's a wee bit dark down the back... The boat was really good, as was the food. The cabins were not like I've seen on other boats. These were huge. The crew were good fun as well. Great trip altogether!

Go for longer if you can, you won't regret it!

Possibly the greatest UNESCO site in the world!!!! This crusie experience with Halong Signature Royal cruise is the best combination of spectacular sightseeing and optional relaxing. Traditional fishing boats and towns, see how people really live out here! Pearls, farming on the water, fishers, ancient caves. There is so much to see it makes me wonder what you can really accomplish if you spend more time than one night and one day like we did. Go for 2 days at least I would say. We felt sad that we had only booked the short time.

Fantastic trip on Halong Bay

Our family including me, my wife and my son were on a two day one night halong cruise and had a tremendous experience. The cruise manager directed our cruise with great proficiency and lots of fun. The staff always kept their eyes on my son to make sure his safety and made this trip a definitely highlight. My wife is a vegetarian and the chef made her wonderful Vietnamese vegetarian spring rolls salad and tofu soup. The boat ran smoothly that you could barely hear any sound. We all had a wonderful sleep on board. 

Halong is super beautiful. Among the sculptured islands and rock formations, Halong Bay also hides many small beaches where we stopped to enjoy the beautiful nature. 

Overall the only regret was that we didn't take the 2 night 3 day cruise to stay longer in this beautiful Bay. Many thanks to Signature Royal cruise Halong for making our Vietnam trip a memorable highlight.

Best way to enjoy your holiday in Vietnam

This wonderful two day cruise was a great way to begin our holiday in Vietnam. The Halong Signature Royal Cruise was small and modest enough to feel comfortable but large enough to feel spacious. It was always possible to find peaceful shady spaces on the sundeck to relax with a cocktail which we drank plenty of! The food on board was excellent. We had a fun and low-key dinner time with other passengers. The kayaking and the walk to the hilltop of the Island were daytime highlights. The cruise manager always took the time to chat and make us feel not only welcomed but like friends. I will definitely do this cruise again and would definitely recommend the three day cruise over the two day version, as it gives you more time to enjoy the whole experience.

Beautiful halong perfect crew

Enjoyful romantics with my wife so exciting at the time of the cruise. All crews were so thoughful and made the best time! Food was satisfied and the schedule at first seems fast, but was really very perfect. Plus gorgeous view of halong was amazing! I will recommend signature royal cruise Halong to my friends...