I’m a Vegetarian on Halong Bay cruise: What are My Options?

Being a veggie can be tough, especially when it comes to eating out in foreign places.

But here’s the thing:

Halong Bay shouldn’t be skipped by any traveler in Vietnam, especially because of something like food concerns. So, what are your options as a vegan or vegetarian on a Halong Bay cruise?

Never fear, the cruises in Halong Bay have you covered, and you’ll be sailing away with meat-free, deliciously veg meals for your whole trip.

A Little bit About Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnam is known for its fresh and flavorful foods that people around the world have grown to love. Even Gordon Ramsay touts his obsession with Vietnamese food!

It’s an intrinsic part of the culture, and you really don’t want to miss out on the delicious mix of sweet, savory, and spicy that they have so skillfully mastered in Halong Bay.

The most important thing?

Most cruises can accommodate your dietary preferences, whatever they may be.

Whether you’re vegetarian or vegan, have a food allergy or need gluten free, you can cruise without any worries when it comes to your eating needs.

Pelican Cruise, Orchid Cruise, Garden Bay Luxury, and Garden Bay Premium Cruise all come in highly recommended for having taken special care to meet the food needs and requests of their passengers.

Notify the Cruise in Advance

Vegetarians on a Halong Bay cruise will have plenty to choose from, as long as they remember this one important thing:

The key here is to let your cruise know before-hand that you’ll be needing a special diet. The more time you can give them the better, but for most cruise lines as long as you give them at least 48 hours notice they’ll be able to provide some great alternatives to the usual menu.

Some cruises will even provide you a special table, so you don’t need to be seated near the dishes that you’d prefer to avoid.

Three meals a day, each with seven to nine courses of expertly crafted dishes are the standard fare on the luxury cruise lines.

The chefs are extremely talented artisans, and they are masters at finding just the right balance between flavors, freshness, and healthy eating to make sure that you will have the best meal experience possible.

But that’s not all:

They’ll also skillfully pair your meal with a perfectly matched wine or other drink of your choice. All your foods will all be expertly prepared and created in traditional Vietnamese style.

Vegetarian Foods Typically on the Halong Bay Cruise Menu

If you opt for vegetarian on your Halong Bay cruise, you’ll be treated to a range of dishes and choices.

You can expect:

Braised tofu, spicy curry, caramelized pineapple, fried bananas, sautéed potatoes and mushrooms, veggie spring rolls, creamy pumpkin soup, leafy green salads with sesame seeds and sweet radish dressings, and traditional rice and noodles…to name a few.

For the Fish Eaters Among You

Seafood is the noted specialty throughout Halong Bay and on all the cruises, so if you do eat some seafood you’ll have a very wide range of food choices– juicy shrimp, grilled fish, and fried oysters are all popular dishes.

If you eat meat but no seafood, expect choices such as teriyaki chicken and braised beef.

Beyond just delicious foods, you can also expect the chefs of Halong Bay to skillfully showcase the artistry of their craft. Dragons carved into ice, watermelon lotus flowers, and vegetable ships that are so realistic you’ll be amazed when you realize it’s all a part of the meal.

Chef Halong Cruise vegetarian

The luxury cruise lines of Halong Bay take dining very seriously, and consider the cuisine to be an important part of your Halong Bay experience. They have made every effort to make sure that you not only enjoy the food while you cruise the seas, but that you go home still dreaming about it.

Ready to get started planning your Halong Bay adventure? Need help sorting out your vegetarian options on the cruise? Get in touch with us and we’ll take it from there.

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