How to Avoid a Halong Cruise Scams when booking tours

Your Vietnamese adventure is in full-swing, and now it’s come time to book a Halong Bay cruise; sadly, this is a process that often goes wrong when customers are faced with Halong cruise scams and ‘cowboy’ tour agencies.

To become more aware of these dastardly scam tactics, this guide will help you to avoid all risks, and will aid you in identifying the “swindler” tricks that are commonly used to cheat customers.

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Avoiding booking cruise scams

3 Most Common Halong Cruise Scams

  • Tour & Cruise: bad foods, terrible accommodations, sloppy services, poor travel safety, etc.
  • On-board Theft
  • Floating Restaurant/Workshop: Overcharge, rotten seafood, fake souvenirs, etc.

Okay, so what can we do to avoid these Halong cruise scams when traveling?

1. Check cruise credentials

Choosing prestige cruises will help guests find the genuine, fascinating, well-organized tour they are looking for and still save on their costs – without having to sacrifice safety. To check a specific cruises credentials you should:

  • Learn about the cruise company on their websites, global travel forums, and review sites to get a well-rounded idea of the quality of services through people that have already experienced them.
  • Read carefully about the operating schedules and prices of the cruise tour to choose appropriate and good quality cruises.
  • Learn about the time allocated to visit or rest so that you can see the level of professionalism each tour exhibits by giving themselves adequate time to clean their ship and reset everything for the next group.
  • Look for cruises that have legitimate or excellent certificates on Tripadvisor
Certificate of Excellence of Tripadvisor
Certificate of Excellence of Tripadvisor

In addition, you should not:

  • Believe solely in a cruise’s quality via advertising and their website.
  • Look only for cheap prices/ discounts: Although expensive, it is best to shell out more cash (approx $100- $150 for an all-inclusive tour) than go for a cheaper option and be disappointed.
"You buy cheap you buy twice" quote
“You buy cheap you buy twice”

2. Look for prestige cruise booking websites that are safe from cruise scams

Online booking is becoming an increasingly attractive tool for tourists to use when seeking information; it has pretty much taken over traditional booking. This will become inevitable due to several reasons:

  • Cheaper than booking directly: Many websites apply flexible payment methods such as payment via bank transfer
  • There are objective assessments from other customers that have experienced services.
  • Easy on-demand choices, learn about verified services and extras
Book online vs. on arrival
Book online vs. on arrival

In addition, a different way of getting to know the most prestigious cruise booking websites in Vietnam and around the world have switched to using https://. This is the most efficient way to verify that you are going to the right address, instead of to other phishing and Halong cruise scam sites. Easy, right?

Https protects your money
Https protects your money

3. Be Aware of Private Tour Agents in Halong

In Halong, you’ll meet some people that offer private cruise services (new and beautiful ships, cheap prices, or full-service leasing, etc.); in fact, these tour guides are connected to amateur private tour agents and are linked to multiple Halong cruise scams. These staffs take visitors involuntarily to various destinations with no specific roadmap and then charge them when all is done.

With authorized cruise companies you will be included in all tour arrangements available; accommodation, transport, recommended roadmaps, etc. A genuine tour guide team will be friendly and committed to supporting you throughout the entire process.

Halong Hub - an online travel agency to help you avoid Halong cruise scams
Halong Hub

Why travel advisory sites can help you avoid Halong cruise scams

Currently, there are many travel advisory websites that meet the needs of people who want to take a trip to Halong Bay and specifically want to avoid any and all Halong cruise scams. Our platform here at Halong Hub is amongst them; we’ve got decades of combined experience in tourism, and our primary goal is to ensure a high-quality, stress-free, well-supported booking process for our customers.

We always update our site with the latest information to meet the needs of travelers interested in Halong Bay cruises, and are always running great promotions. We strive to provide our customers with Top Notch Service to make your Halong Trip Experience Wonderful. Why book with us?

I hope this guide gives you some useful information to avoid Halong cruise scams during your trip.

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