Viet Hai Village: Somewhere in the Midst of Jungles

Just like Sleeping Beauty, Viet Hai Fishing Village is surrounded by limestone mountains, thick jungles, and a vast ocean. And if you want to see her, you will need to either take a boat or trek through the jungle for hours. But her natural beauty and the experience she offers are totally worth it!

Visit Viet Hai Village if you want a chance to switch to a new atmospheric space. Here, you will also appreciate the precious retained hundreds of years of traditional cultural values of Cat Ba.

viet hai village
Viet Hai fishing village. Photo by chilly_travel

Location of Viet Hai Village

Located approximately 18 km from Cat Ba island, the small fishing village named Viet Hai is amid jungles, covered by high mountains. The village is situated in the heart of Cat Ba National Park, which belongs to the Cat Hai Island District of Hai Phong City.

How to get to Viet Hai Village

Visiting Viet Hai Village, tourists will have to embark on an 8km trek passing the Ao Ech Lake. On this route, tourists will walk through the primary forest in Cat Ba National Park and then follow adventurous trails.

If you are not fit enough for those sheer cliffs, deep gorges, and muddy ponds, choose a 45-minute boat from Beo Pier in Cat Ba Town to visit Viet Hai Village.

This relaxing journey allows families to take in the breathtaking scenery of Lan Ha Bay without the physical exertion of hiking or biking, making it an ideal choice for those with young children.

Cruises that visit Viet Hai Village

Local life and culture in Viet Hai Village

Just a few years ago, Viet Hai Village was nearly isolated from the outside world due to its remote location. There are around 80 houses that are simply made of bamboo, wood, leaves, and soil. Just like their ancestors, who lived here for centuries, the villagers make a living by fishing, farming, and breeding.

Despite being one of the poorest communes in Cat Hai District, Viet Hai Village is a land of joy and happiness. People here seem satisfied with their lives which are poor in materials but rich in gratitude.

The villagers are hospitable, sincere, and friendly. This ancient village has almost no social crimes. It might be surprising to tourists that all of the houses in the village are open through the night and day, even when owners are away for days, as theft is virtually non-existent.

viet hai village
Discover the lifestyle of the Viet Hai village local people. Photo by daichitravel

The community here is also robust. Whenever a family needs help, these others will be willing to be available and give out a hand. Also, they can even comfortably use others’ furniture, etc. That must sound nicely insane if you are already too used to your chaotic big-city life.

The villagers are extremely open about tourism. Some local people have their side jobs as motorbike taxi drivers to earn some more living. You can hire them to take you around the village, they will surely know where you should head for the best sightseeing experience.

Many young villagers voluntarily become your tour guides, as they all are eager to turn their fishing village into a unique island for tourism. They have huge potential to make their homeland one of the most bewitching Cat Ba attractions in the near future.

Things to do in Viet Hai Village

This small fishing village plays a big role in contributing to promoting Cat Ba tourism in particular and Hai Phong tourism in general, attracting thousands of tourists, both domestic and international.

First thing in the morning: Go trekking

go trekking
Go trekking around Viet Hai village. Photo by daichitravel

Trekking would be the first thing you could try before even reaching Viet Hai Fishing Village. As the village is protected by high mountains, jungles and springs, it will cost you lots of efforts to visit this famous tourist destination.

But if you wish to soak up the extremely peaceful and poetic scenery and forget the chaos of city life, this trip is exactly what you are looking for. Just keep in mind that the trek will be 8km long, brace yourself!

Enjoy and explore Lan Ha Bay

lan ha bay cruise 2 nights
Lan Ha Bay from the above view. Photo by

If you choose a boat to reach Viet Hai Village, don’t forget to enjoy the majestic beauty of Lan Ha Bay. Not as famous as the world-recognized Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay is a hidden gem with hundreds of islets, sandy beaches, and floating houses.

Explore Lan Ha Bay’s famous attractions, from the historic Cai Beo Fishing Village to the tranquil Ba Trai Dao Beach. With each destination offering its unique charm, Lan Ha Bay promises an immersive experience blending nature’s wonders with local culture.

Cai Beo Fishing Village

Cai Beo Fishing Village
Cai Beo Fishing Village. Photo by communitytourism.apec

Uncover the enchanting charm of Cai Beo Fishing Village, showcasing Vietnam’s deep-rooted maritime customs. Stroll among its floating dwellings, observe fishermen in action and relish the bounty of the bay’s seafood offerings.

Ba Trai Dao Beach

Ba Trai Dao beach
Enjoying at Ba Trai Dao beach. Photo by catbaexpress

Then, escape to the secluded paradise of Ba Trai Dao Beach, where pristine sands meet crystal-clear waters. Relax under the shade of swaying palms, indulge in beachside picnics, or snorkel amidst vibrant coral reefs.

When in Rome, do as Romans do

Discover the lifestyle of the Viet Hai village local people. Photo by goldenholidaytravel

When in the village, make the most of the primitive life! Here, you can leave behind all the comforts to work as a local farmer or fisherman.

You can learn how to have a buffalo as your coworker, visit old houses, and talk to friendly residents about their lives here.

Get rid of all the stresses in life by walking through the fields, on the village road, and breathing the rhythm of the mountains and forests. This will make you value the simplicity and purity of this place even more.

Try local cuisine

Explore the local cuisine. Photo by vtv

Numerous stilt houses and restaurants have been opened lately to serve the needs of tourists. After a day of sightseeing or trekking, you will have a nice meal cooked with fresh vegetables and meat.

If you’ve had the chance to visit Viet Hai Fishing Village, don’t miss out on trying their delicious dishes. Taste fresh seafood, traditional noodle dishes, and other specialties unique to the region.

The locals are friendly, welcoming, and excellent cooks, so make sure you give their food a try.

Best Time to Visit Viet Hai Village

The best time to visit Viet Hai Fishing Village is during March and April. These months fall within the dry season in northern Vietnam, including Cat Ba Island.

During March and April, the weather is generally mild, with comfortable temperatures and lower humidity levels. Additionally, this period offers clear skies and less chance of rainfall, making it ideal for outdoor activities and exploration of the village and its surroundings.

Moreover, visiting during these months allows you to avoid the peak tourist season, which typically occurs during the summer months, resulting in fewer crowds and a more tranquil experience in Viet Hai Village. You can also enjoy the majestic nature of Lan Ha Bay more clearly.

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