Best Time to Visit Halong Bay – Weather and Seasonal Guide

Embark on a journey to Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Northern Vietnam. This comprehensive guide dives into the best time to visit Halong Bay, exploring everything from weather patterns to cultural events, ensuring your tour is unforgettable.

Why Halong Bay

Halong Bay, or Ha Long Bay, is not just a natural marvel with its mystical limestone karsts but also a historical and cultural gem. From ancient folklore to the vibrant life in floating villages, Halong Bay is full of incredible experiences waiting to be discovered. Understanding the weather conditions and national holidays can help you decide you on the best time to visit Halong bay. That’s why we are unpacking this helpful guide just for you! So you can make the most of your trip to Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay, or Bai Tu Long Bay – and plan your trip at the best time to visit.

The best seasons to visit Halong Bay, considering the weather, are:

Halong Bay in Spring (March to May): Great Weather

best time to visit halong bay
Halong Bay in Spring. Photo by Diy13

This peak season offers mild temperatures, usually between 20 and 28°C (68–82°F), accompanied by clear skies and minimal rainfall, ideal for outdoor activities. The temperature rises from winter, but hasn’t reached the extremely hot summer levels. Expect beautiful weather with a bright blue sky – perfect for Seaplane trips over the bay too! Visitors can enjoy many activities such as: kayaking, swimming, rock climbing, and snorkeling in the vibrant landscape. Spring brings the bay to life with blooming flowers, adding scenic beauty. Additionally, the squid season provides a unique opportunity to join local fishermen for squid fishing and an insight into the local culture.

Halong Bay in Fall (September to October): Romantic Season

Halong Bay in Fall. Photo by Stellar of the Seas

Autumn – the second peak tourist season for a cruise trip- is the most romantic season to visit Halong Bay, with cooler autumn weather and only occasional light rain. October is the peak season for international tourism, but also the best month to explore the bay, with more sunshine and perfect weather for outdoor activities. The fall season, from October to November, is the best time to visit the region and experience Halong Bay’s charms, with fewer international tourists and a delightful climate. A Halong Bay cruise during October offers picturesque scenery and a pleasant atmosphere. In early September the rainy season subsides, and the average temperature is (what is it?) Enjoy the clear blue sky that emerges after storm season to reveal the perfect summer holiday with fine weather.

Halong Bay in Winter (November to February): Low Season

Lunar New Year in Halong Bay. Photo by

As the lunar calendar comes to an end, Halong bay turns into Winter. The cold weather provides a tranquil experience of Ha Long Bay with fewer tourists and crowds. The cloudy fog creates a mystical Halong bay experience, adding to its otherworldly beauty. However, the weather conditions are not suitable for daytime swimming or kayaking. Winter is still a peak season for tourism in Ha Long Bay due to the festive season, including the Tet Holiday or the Vietnam Lunar New Year​​. The advantage of visiting during this season is that the bay is less crowded, and you’ll experience Tet or Lunar New Year Festival aboard the cruise ships  – offering a unique experience to the most important holiday in Vietnam. Hence, you can admire Halong Bay’s beauty and the festive mood everywhere.

Halong Bay in Summer (June to August): Rainy Season

Halong Bay in Summer. Photo by Stellar of the Seas

This summer vacation period is characterised by extremely hot and humid weather, with daytime temperatures often between 28 to 35°C (82–95°F). This period is the peak season for domestic tourists but poses challenges for international visitors due to high humidity and heat. The likelihood of rain and typhoons, especially from July to September, makes this time less ideal for international traveler’s. Take care, and avoid visiting Halong Bay when the weather is too stormy. While the season offers opportunities for beach activities and water sports, visitors should be aware of the potential for erratic weather and plan accordingly. If the weather doesn’t bother you too much, and this is your holiday time, just be aware, and maybe a luxury cruise will be perfect so you can relax in the comfort of your luxury cabin and watch the wonders float by!

Halong Bay Peak Season: The Best Time to Visit Halong Bay for Fantastic Weather!

Best time to visit Halong Bay. Photo by Khoa Nguyen

Overall, the best months to visit Halong Bay are April, May in spring, and September and October in autumn. These months offer a combination of pleasant weather, fewer rain showers, and more sunshine, making them ideal for various activities and enjoying the scenic beauty of Halong Bay. If you want to learn more about the monthly forecast, checkout the next section for more extensive information to help you plan the perfect getaway!

Detailed monthly weather forecast for Halong Bay:

FAQ: What To Do If Your Ha Long Bay Tour Gets Cancelled Due To Bad Weather?

Cruise Cancellations: Policies in Cases of Bad Weather:

most luxurious halong bay cruise
Photo by Mon Cheri Cruise

You can feel confident that your Halong Bay Tour & Cruise is overseen by the Ha Long Bay Management Board, which is responsible for ensuring safe and regulated operations. The Board determines the daily allowance for overnight and day cruises, and in the event of severe weather conditions such as typhoons, storms, or dense fog, reserves the right to cancel cruises to ensure your safety. All authorized cruises that stop overnight in the bay must meet safety requirements. If your cruise is cancelled due to bad weather, the decision is made by 3:00 pm on the day in question. The local government also has the authority to cancel journeys to ensure your safety. For more information on the refund procedure, please refer to the cancellation policy for your specific cruise.

Halong Bay’s Weather and Activities

  • Weather Forecast and Climate: Halong Bay experiences four distinct seasons, each bringing unique weather conditions. From the hot and humid summer to the cold winter, understanding Halong Bay’s weather helps you plan your visit better.
  • Cruising in Halong Bay: Choosing the right cruise operator in Halong Bay is crucial. Whether an overnight cruise or a 3-day and 2-night cruise – rest assured that Halong Hub only lists trusted and verified cruise companies offering a range of exciting experiences and catering to couples, families, and luxury or budget travellers. 
  • Cultural Events: Time your visit to coincide with some of Vietnam’s most exciting annual festivals, like the Tet Holiday or the Hung Kings Temple Festival. These events add a festive mood to your Halong Bay experience.
  • Activities for Every Season: From kayaking and rock climbing in spring to squid fishing in fall, each season offers unique activities. Summer months are perfect for water activities, while fall provides the best conditions for birdwatching and hiking.
Squid fishing in Halong Bay
Squid fishing

Looking for the best things to do in Halong Bay? Check out our top recommendations!

Travel Tips and Practical Information

  • Getting There: Plan your transportation carefully if traveling from Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi. Consider the weather forecast and peak seasons when booking your flight and cruise.
  • Packing Essentials: Prepare for weather changes – pack light for the hot and humid summer, and bring layers for the cold winter. Don’t forget essentials like a wide-brimmed sun hat and sunscreen. See our guide: Packing for your Halong Bay Cruise.
  • Accommodation and Booking: Book your Halong Bay cruise in advance during peak season and national holidays. Look for Halong Bay cruise deals, especially during the low season.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Halong Bay’s natural beauty should be preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Practice responsible tourism by respecting the local environment and communities.

Choose Your Bay: Halong vs Lan Ha vs Bai Tu Long

Lan Ha Bay. Photo by Rachel Poirot

Now that you’ve chosen the time you will visit, the next step is deciding which bay you will cruise. Though Halong Bay is by far the most well-known and popular option for an overnight cruise, Lan Ha Bay in the northeast, in the east, and Cat Ba Island in the south are three options well worth considering.

Need help picking the right bay? Learn about the three bays in Halong Bay!

Set Sail with Halong Hub!

The experience of visiting Halong Bay varies significantly depending on the season. Whether it’s the vibrant spring, the sunny summer, the tranquil fall, or the mystical winter, each season offers a unique charm. Plan your next trip considering the peak and low seasons, weather conditions, and cultural events to maximise your Halong Bay adventure. Remember, when you book with Halong Hub, we offer free customer service and a range of add-ons and experiences to add to your trip conveniently!

We look forward to helping you have the trip of a lifetime!

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