Halong Bay cruises for baby boomers

A huge number of older Americans travel day by day. While some travel brands are choosing to focus on appealing to millennial travelers who are risk-taking, adventure-seeking, passionate and spontaneous world travelers, the others now tend to switch for more “big-fish” type of customers, like baby boomers. Especially since baby boomers are making travel a priority according to a survey of more than 800 participants age 50 and above.

Therefore, senior travelers have a great effect on the travel industry both in the way large and small travel businesses create their services, and the differentiation with the ways they perform for their customers.

Travel trends and style of baby boomers

An AARP survey had found that about half of the 50-plus crowd plan to travel more in 2015 compared to previous years.

“Back in 2012, our members told us that some of their top interests were spending time with friends and family, pursuing hobbies and other personal interests, learning new things and traveling,” said Stephanie Miles, vice president of member value for AARP. “And just last year we saw in a USA Today/AARP Life Reimagined poll that while more than 90 percent surveyed were happy with their life, they aren’t ready to slow down.”

Moreover, this survey also uncovered that one-third of employed boomers plan to work while traveling, and, surprisingly, nearly half aren’t using all or most of their vacation time to travel.

Escaping to tropical climate countries

Since tropical climates have stunning beach destinations like Bali, Indonesia, Boracay, Philippines, Nha Trang, Vietnam and the price of stuffs in these countries is reasonable, warm locales are considered paramount to the 50-plus group. Beach destinations are the most popular amongst baby-boomers who noted that they take an annual vacation to beaches.

Cruises for baby boomers
Cruising is now a trending travel among baby boomers.

Additionally, regarding the AARP survey on people 50-plus mentioned before, there was an 11-percent increase year after year in boomers who wanted to take a cruise and already planned for the cruise trip. As we know, Southeast Asia is a region that has beautiful cruise itineraries like Mekong, Halong Bay, etc.

Traveling on their own

“This is popular with seniors whose spouses have passed on and want to continue traveling the world and making new friends” said Gregg Marston – president of VBT Bicycling and Walking Vacation.

This trend leads to the establishment of various ranges of cruises for single, senior travelers or solo baby-boomer cruisers. Senior Singles Cruises From Florida and Caribbean Cruise Just for Single Boomers are great examples. Why? Because of the feeling of freedom, they can party all night long like they are back in college without any concerns.

Another 2014 survey by AARP examining solo travel found that 37 percent of adults ages 45 and older took a trip alone in the past two years and more than 80 percent planned to take another solo trip in the next year.


Take the road less traveled

You – baby-boomers – want to escape from the normal world, a world with overly-burdened work schedules, and many late nights sitting at an empty desk in front of a computer screen. Therefore, there’s no reason you’ll choose a famous tourist spot with thousands of people hustling in for a couple of tickets. There are LOTS OF off-the-beaten-track spots out there for you to enjoy your vacation comfortably. Of course, these places are well designed with high-end services for baby boomer travelers as well.

Wild and energetic adventure wins out, so does comfort

Cruises for baby boomers

You’re pretty adventurous – you totally would jump out of an airplane if you wanted to. But you also really like a comfortable bed at the end of the day. You’re not like younger travelers. You can’t stand staying in a room in a hostel which has a dirty sink and bathtub, or mice running above your head, right? Perfect comfort and amenities for their trip, that’s what boomers want.

Exciting on board activities

Cruises for baby boomers
Cooking class onboard Halong Bay cruises.

No one wants to sit in their own cabins watching TV, reading magazines or texting with friends on social media. That’s obviously true for baby-boomer travelers as well. They want to be a part of something different, extraordinary.

Beautiful balcony view and a glass of wine

Cruises for baby boomers

Cabins with a full ocean view. Maybe it’s a bit greedy, but boomer cruisers want it so bad. Breathe in some fresh air in the middle of the sea, settle down and watch the sunset. Imagine after taking devouring delicious dishes for dinner, you and your beloved come back to your room and guess what? A couple glasses of wine and you two lay down in deckchairs outside the balcony and  reminisce about the old days. That would be great!

Halong Cruises – Excellent choice for baby boomer cruisers

Cruises for baby boomers

In recent years, Halong Cruise Tours are growing faster and faster. Cruises for baby boomers are now launched widely. Most of the luxury cruises or even mid-range cruises satisfy baby boomer’s toughest requests. They sail through Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay which are as wonderful as Halong Bay, but less touristy and more peaceful. Take in mesmerizing interiors and all the modern amenities that allow you to feel relaxed after an all day long excursion. Furthermore, interesting activities like exquisite dining, or a BBQ party on the beach at night, kayaking through the bays, squid fishing, rock climbing, trekking,etc totally will make you jump out of your chair! Orchid Cruise Halong, Signature Cruise Halong and Signature Royal Cruise Halong are ideal Halong cruises for baby boomers among all.

Have you traveled to Halong and taken a Halong cruise? Could you share with us which cruises are most suitable for baby boomers? We’re glad to hear your stories and experiences in the comments below.

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