Halong Bay Weather in April

The Halong Bay weather in April shows us that summer is on its way, and definitely one of the best months to visit Halong Bay; visitors can expect warm average temperatures and generally good weather for exploring the area.

This post will tell you everything you need to know about what you can expect from the Halong Bay weather in April, including monthly averages for temperature, sunlight, humidity, and rainfall. You’ll also see the pros and cons of traveling in April, as well as some exclusive insider tips for visiting at this time of year.

If you need any further information on the subject, check out our detailed post on what to expect from Halong Bay weather throughout the year.

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What to Expect from Halong Bay Weather in April


Things are really starting to warm up in Halong Bay by April with temperatures shooting up as high as 28 degrees Celsius, although the average remains at a balmy 23 degrees. Visitors can expect lows of about 20 degrees Celsius; not so low at all.

The warm weather is perfect for enjoying outdoor activities, especially when it involves taking a dip in the water (April sea temperatures are around 29 degrees).


The Halong Bay weather in April brings eight hours of sunshine every day, which is one of the longest daily averages of the year (along with May, June, November, December, and March).


The April humidity levels don’t budge from the 75% seen in March. This is still relatively low compared with the 90% humidity levels that are common in Halong Bay.


As the average temperature begins to climb up, so too does the expected amount of rainfall. The Halong Bay weather in April is still generally quite dry compared with the upcoming summer months, but visitors can expect around 57 mm over an average of 13 days.

Pros and Cons of Visiting Halong Bay in April


  • The Halong Bay weather in April is warm and summery, without the sticky humidity levels that we usually expect from the height of the summer. This makes April an excellent time of year to explore the famous bay.
  • The warm air and water temperatures are ideal for enjoying activities like snorkelling, swimming, and kayaking.
  • The relatively low rainfall levels make it unlikely that your cruise will be affected by bad weather.


  • The favourable weather tends to attract higher numbers of tourists. There’s also a national holiday at the end of April which often results in hordes of Vietnamese tourists arriving to Halong.

Top Tips for Travelers to Halong Bay in April

  • Try to avoid coming on the last weekend of April which is when the Vietnamese national holiday is on. There tends to be very big crowds at this time, and you make experience price spikes.
  • Pack a swimsuit! Enjoy spending some time in the water.
  • Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, the April sun can burn you pretty easily if you’re planning to be outside all day.
  • If you need advice on what to bring with you, check out our packing guide for Halong Bay trips.

To sum up, look at the infographic below:

halong bay weather in april infographic

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