Halong Bay Weather in June

The Halong Bay weather in June is the hottest of the year; visitors can expect very warm temperatures and frequent summer rain.

If you’re considering visiting Halong Bay in June, this article will tell you everything you need to know about the weather at that time of year. This article will also help you to evaluate the pros and cons of traveling to Halong Bay in June, as well as some handy travel tips for when you do decide to go.

If you need any further knowledge about the Halong Bay weather, check out our previous post about Halong Bay weather throughout the year.

What to Expect from Halong Bay Weather in June


Summer is in full swing by the time June rolls around, and the temperatures reflect that wholeheartedly. In June, visitors can expect average temperatures of 29 degrees Celsius (which will continue as the average for the next 2 months) with highs well in excess of 30 degrees and lows of 24 degrees.

If it’s warm weather that you’re after, the Halong Bay weather in June is sure to deliver. The warm temperatures are ideal for enjoying some water activities like swimming, kayaking, or snorkeling.


The sunlight levels don’t tend to fluctuate so much in this part of the world; only by an hour or so throughout the year. The Halong Bay weather in June generally brings 8 hours of full sunlight every day, which is the highest of the year along with November, December, and March through until May.


Humidity levels in June are relatively high, lingering between 75-80%. The summer months tend to be stickier and wetter than other months of the year, which is generally why fewer people travel to Halong Bay in the summer.


The rainfall that comes with the Halong Bay weather in June is higher than the levels we usually expect to see in May, with 172mm expected. While this does represent an increase, it’s still lower than the average rainfall in July and August, which has been known to fall well in excess of 250mm.

The Halong Bay weather in June is sporadically prone to storms that blow in from the southwest. It’s always a good idea to check the weather forecast, and double-check with your cruise operator if there’s bad weather on the way.

Pros and Cons of Visiting Halong Bay in June


  • The Halong Bay weather in June is very warm, so it’s a great time to enjoy a cooling swim or an adventure by kayak.
  • June is considered to be off-peak season in Halong Bay, so visitors can expect fewer tourists than usual and may even be able to avail of some special offers from the cruise companies.


  • The hot Halong Bay weather in June is not always suitable for some types of travelers, especially those who feel uncomfortable in the heat.
  • There’s a higher chance of rain in the summer months, so there is more of a chance that your cruise booking could be affected by bad weather.

Top Tips for Travelers to Halong Bay in June

  • The Halong Bay weather in June is very warm, so pack light clothes only.
  • Bring some swimming gear with you, you’ll be happy to have the chance to cool off in the water.
  • Don’t forget sunscreen! The June sunlight is very strong.
  • If you need more advice on what to pack, check out our expert packing guide for your Halong Bay trip.
  • Check the weather forecast closer to the time of your cruise, and if it looks like bad weather could be on the way we highly recommend contacting your cruise operator to confirm the trip is still going ahead.

You can easily remember it by looking the infographic below:

halong bay weather in june infographic

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