Why Is It So Easy To Get Lost In Me Cung Cave?

Me Cung Cave (also known by some as ‘Maze Cave or ‘Bewitching’ Cave) always leaves tourists curious for more. Unlike many other grottos and caves in Halong Bay, this one doesn’t come with a legend about its origins. Instead, it is famous for being one of the sites of the prehistoric man, who lived here between 7000 and 10000 years ago. It shows one of the vestiges of the pre-Ha Long new Stone Age culture. Thanks to its outstanding historical, cultural and natural values, Me Cung cave is now one of the most attractive spots to tourists in Halong Bay.

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Where is Me Cung Cave?

Me Cung cave is located two kilometers south-west of Ti Top Beach, at a height of 25 meters above the sea level. Watching from afar, the cave entrance looks like a house roof carving deep into the slopes of the island. Cruises often dock here overnight because of the peaceful surrounding area and its crystal waters for swimming.

Inside Me Cung Cave

To get to the cave, tourists will have to climb the 25 metres up the stone steps. At the entrance, there is a narrow crack that only allows one person through at a time.

me cung cave
Tourists enjoy the beautiful scenery of Me Cung Cave

Walking into the inside, you may get the feeling as if they were entering a great palace of a Persian King. Murmur from out of nowhere sounds like Scheherazade is telling the stories of the Thousand and One Nights for her king.

me cung cave

With the light shining from the outside, sparkling stalactites make Me Cung Cave shimmering and fanciful in multi-colors. Even under your feet, you can feel the blue water of Lake inside the cave. All of these create a perfect picture of nature. With all the rocks, lake, color, fragrance, Me Cung offers a harmonious space but no less idyllic.

me cung cave
Sparkling stalactites make Me Cung Cave shimmering and fanciful

If you are into archaeology, many significant prehistoric remains have been found here. Piles of freshwater seashells along the ground of the cave indicate that previous inhabitants used the bay as a food source. They believe that these residents lived in the area 7,000 to 10,000 years ago, which they classified as a new culture in the Stone Age. Also, the entrance was deemed to initially be a staggering 1.2 metre-thick layer of fossilized Melania shells. In the course of research, expert archaeologist also discovered a fossilized animal’s skeleton in the interior. This is a valuable natural relic and an important indicator of Halong’s marine history.

me cung cave
This Maze cave will definitely amaze you because it’s an amazing maze!

On getting out of the cave, climb up several rugged stone stairs and look down, you will see the beautiful Me Cung Lake. The round lake, surrounded by mountains, maintains its startling blue waters all year round. This lake is circled by karst cliffs and harboring a colorful array of coral, fish and sea creatures. Also, lying adjacent to the lake, many ancient trees casting long reflections on the water of the bay. They are popularly known as an alluring “royal garden” and home to many kinds of birds and mammals like monkeys, lizards, chamois, etc. From here you can climb to the peak of the mountain to overlook the Me Cung lagoon, where you can get a panorama view of the area.

Me Cung Lake is a true well from paradise

How to Get to Me Cung Cave?

Me Cung cave has attracted a lot of tourists who wish to explore its charm and history. However, Halong Bay day trips from Hanoi do not feature the cave in their itineraries. Check out some overnight cruises like Aphrodite Cruises or Aclass Cruises as they may offer excursions to the cave. Make sure to go for an overnight cruise, either Halong Bay 3 day 2 night itinerary or Halong Bay 2 day 1 night, so you can visit this wonderful cave!

Best Time to Visit Me Cung Cave

Spring seems to be the best time to visit Me Cung. In general, the caves in spring are reborn with new mysterious outfits of mist, so they’ll make you feel as if you have found a wonderland! However, as Me Cung is likely a part of your Halong Bay itinerary, choose the visiting time wisely so you can make the most of the trip!

Be careful when exploring this cave because you never want to get lost in it! If you’ve never visited this maze, let’s contact with us for more details!

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