Why You Should Book Orchid Cruise Halong

Halong Hub is proud to exclusively announce that Orchid Cruise Halong, the first 5-star cruise in Halong Bay to develop an itinerary sailing through Lan Ha Bay, will launch its operation on November 5th, 2016.

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More about Lan Ha Bay

Travelers who book Orchid Cruise Halong will be treated to a tour of the beautiful, untouched scenery of Lan Ha Bay. The Bay has rarely been explored by other cruise lines and is not yet popular among foreign tourists. Because of that, Lan Ha Bay boasts a pristine and raw natural beauty, which is only made more impressive thanks to its intense concentration of limestone mountains.

The launch of Orchid Cruise Halong is a precious opportunity for any traveler about to visit Halong, especially for those looking to experience a peaceful and untouched route away from crowded and touristy areas of Halong Bay. Travellers will have more choices of 5-star cruises than ever, and also more options for unique itineraries which allow for optimum relaxing time with family and friends.

More about Orchid Cruise Halong

Orchid Cruises is the leading 5-star luxury cruise company in Ha Long Bay, and is proud to be the newest cruise with the highest level service and attention to detail. These standards are what separates Orchid Cruise from all the other 5-star luxury cruises in Halong Bay.

Orchid is the first cruise that has organized this itinerary throughout Halong Bay – Bai Tu Long Bay – Lan Ha Bay, including the most beautiful highlights of this wild route. Travellers who book Orchid Cruise Halong will have the chance to discover more untouched areas with less travelled routes, without missing out on Halong Bay’s top attractions.

Orchid Cruises has 14 of the most luxurious, fully-equipped and hand-built cabins. Each cabin is well designed with beautiful large windows opening toward the sea, and each with their own private balconies. The best services will be provided by their ultra-professional and dedicated ship crew.

Detailed itinerary: See here.


Orchid Cruise Halong Bay 6
Luxury Orchid Cruise Halong Cabins
Orchid Cruise Halong Bay 5
Full ocean view of the room. You can easily enjoy Halong Bay scenery even when you lay on bed

Why Booking Orchid Cruise Halong is a Perfect Deal

  • Shorter car traveling period

    The duration of the drive from Hanoi to Halong Bay is just an hour and a half instead of 3.5 hours like other cruise offers. When you book Orchid Cruise Halong you’ll spend less time on the road, and more time exploring Halong Bay.

  • An exclusive chance to experience Lan Ha Bay

    One of the most beautiful bays in all of Vietnam, Lan Ha Bay is also a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Halong Bay. Travelers who book Orchid Cruise Halong will have the chance to explore Lan Ha Bay, which is still relatively untouched and retains a natural, perfectly clean beauty that isn’t marred by other touristy areas around Halong Bay.

  • Hand fishing with the local people

    Those who book Orchid Cruise Halong will be able to try their hand at fishing with the local people from a nearby floating village. This a truly authentic experience that can’t be found in any other tourist spot.

  • The first and only 5 star luxury cruise in the Halong Bay- Lan Ha Bay Line

    As of this moment, Orchid Cruise Halong is the first and only 5-star luxury cruise that sails Halong Bay to Lan Ha Bay. All rooms on Orchid Cruise Halong have wonderfully spacious balconies for unparalleled views of the outstanding Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay landscape.

  • The first tourism service provider qualified under the 5-star international requirement system

    Among all cruises operating in the area, Orchid Cruise Halong is the first tourism service provider qualified under the 5-star International Requirement System. They guarantee to bring customers who book Orchid Cruise Halong the absolute best services and experiences available.

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Orchid Cruise Halong Bay 4
Restaurant on Orchid Cruise Halong
Orchid Cruise Halong Bay 3
Bathroom on Orchid Cruise Halong
Orchid Cruise Halong Bay 2
Private balcony on all Orchid Cruise Halong cabins
Orchid Cruise Halong Bay
Gym and Fitness Spot

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