If Co To Island isn’t on Your Bucket List, Here’s why it Should Be

Co To Island is known only by a select few – which is exactly why it should land at the top of your travel wishlist. The most commonly talked about things by those who have been there are the white sandy beaches, the turquoise waters, the craggy cliff faces, cheap and delicious seafood, and the much-heard mantra of “go now before everything changes”. Perhaps also contributing to that change approaching for the island, we’ve already included Co To on our subjective list of top 20 Halong Bay places to visit and 20 awesome things to do in Halong Bay!

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Anchored comfortably in the aquamarine waters of the Gulf of Tonkin is the Co To Island District, the larger archipelago which homes Co To Island. In Quang Ninh Province in the northeast, Co To Island is the furthest inhabited island from the coast, whose highest peak reaches 170 meters. The island, which measures in at about 47 square kilometers, is surrounded by a cluster of 40-50 smaller islands, all of which are only accessible by boat.


The island is composed of a scattering of hills, and much of the coastline is rocky cliff faces. There are, however, a few choice sandy beaches to satisfy even the most insatiable seaside addicts among us. Make your way to Trinh Sat Beach, Hong Vanh and Van Chai and more often than not you may find you have the whole place to yourself.

co to island
It’s a heaven for beach loving globetrotters

What to do There

Motorbike Tour

The island is small enough to tour around the entire thing but big enough that you will be happy to have your own mode of transportation. Because the tourism industry is still so young in Co To Island the infrastructure still has to catch up- roads are ok, but taxis are scarce. You can easily and affordably rent a motorbike (or bicycle) and tour the island at your own speed.

Romantic Walk

co to island
The ‘red brick road’ stretches for 2km up to the lighthouse, Co To’s highest peak

If strolling around is more your thing, there’s a beautiful walkway suitably named the “Love Road” that leads up to the Co To Lighthouse. Take your time pacing along the red tiled path that meanders through the populous trees, and enjoy a welcome break from the urban rush.

Lighthouse Trek

It’s situated on the highest point of the island

You’ll have to tackle some steep bends and 100-odd steps to get up to the lighthouse, but it is worth it to get a glimpse of that 360 panoramic view of the island.

Beach Activities

Spectacular blue waters wash against the shores of the island

Whether it’s catching some rays, taking a cooling swim, or gazing out at the fisherman combing the sand for clams, the beach is the pinnacle of what Co To has to offer. Why not hire a small boat for the day and cruise around the coastline, you can even choose to visit the other surrounding islands (you won’t need any extra permits to do so).

Where to Stay

co to island
The bungalows were newly constructed in 2014

The amount of hotels in Co To Island has been steadily increasing over the past 2-3 years, as though developers are already anticipating a tourism boom on its way. Co To Ecolodge comes in highly recommended. They used to have a number of wooden bungalows right on the beach but they have been shut down for renovation, and a new location 200m inland has opened up in the interim.

How to get There

From Hanoi, you can take either a private vehicle or the bus to get to Van Don (we recommend a private vehicle because the bus tends to be quite slow, you’ll run the risk of missing your connecting ferry). Boats bound for Co To Island depart from Cai Rong Pier in Van Don. Boat will run through Bai Tu Long Bay, Quan Lan Island and finally to Co To Island

There is a fast speedboat option that leaves from Cai Rong Pier daily at 1 pm (155,000d, 1½ hours), as well as an extra morning departure on Saturdays at 6 am. Slow ferries for Co To leave from Cai Rong Pier every day at 7 am (70,000d, 3 hours).

*NOTE: Due to the military presence on the island a permit is required by all foreign travelers who plan to stay there, which will need to be arranged either through an agency or in Halong City beforehand. If you arrive in Co To without a permit you risk either being fined or sent back to the mainland.

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