Top 10 Most Beautiful Halong Bay Beaches

Some are vast, sandy expanses; others tiny and tucked away – Halong Bay‘s beaches are, without doubt, among the area’s top highlights.

A UNESCO World Heritage site sitting in the Gulf of Tonkin, Halong Bay’s landscape is famed throughout the world for it the lush green forests unfolding over the endless islands and the dramatic jagged limestone karsts rising from the emerald waters.

There is no better way to enjoy the bay than from the top deck of a cruise, meandering through the mysterious landscape.

There are so many things to do at this top holiday destination! From taking a seaplane to snorkeling, you will never get bored.

Given its famed seascape and iconic limestone karsts, one might not be aware that Halong Bay is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches in Vietnam.

From Halong city to Lan Ha Bay, discover the delightful beaches that cover some of the 1,996 islets that make up the geographical wonder.

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Where are the Beaches in Halong Bay?

Beautiful scenery of Ha Long Bay

If you are dreaming of white sandy beaches and clear blue waters to swim in, you might not think of North Vietnam.

Consider that with nearly 2000 islands across the three bays in the Gulf of Tonkin, there are endless beaches waiting to be discovered!

There are a number of beaches located near Bai Chay Wharf, which is where most cruises will depart from – even visitors on a Halong Bay day cruise will be able to enjoy a stop off at one of the nearer beaches.

However, the real gems are somewhat further-flung; located away from tourist hotspots, where they remain vastly undisturbed by the crowds.

Cruise to Solitude on Halong Bay Beaches

For the past decade, Vietnam has experienced nothing short of a tourism boom, as visitors from all around the world come to discover the beauty of Vietnam and its culture.

Halong Bay often tops the charts for destinations in Vietnam to visit. Of the three bays, Halong attracts the most visitors, with Lan Ha Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay reserved for those wishing to go off the beaten track.

While tourism interest in Halong Bay continues to rise, we often hear travellers voice their concern that they will arrive at a Halong Bay choked with throngs of other tourists – however, this is not the case.

Indeed the main tourist wharf is a busy place, with many cruises ferrying visitors in and out of the bay; if you are keen to explore further into the bay is where you’ll find solitude. This is especially true for the beautiful beaches in Halong Bay.

The best way to discover the majestic bay and its secret beaches is by overnight cruise. Here, you’ll make the journey down routes that traders, merchants, and explorers have centuries before you.

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Read on to find out about the best beaches of the bay!

1. Ban Chan Beach

Ban Chan Beach

Tucked away in a corner of Bai Tu Long Bay, Ban Chan Beach is certainly one of the hidden gems of Halong Beaches.

Bai Tu Long Bay is the least touristy of the three bays, situated to the north of Halong Bay and it is generally visited only by overnight Halong cruises.

Despite its pristine beauty, very few people know about Ban Chan Beach, and fewer still make the journey over to it.

Travellers looking for some peace and quiet within Halong’s vast landscape will undoubtedly be drawn to Ban Chan, with the fine white sand, the crystalline water, and the towering limestone outcroppings standing guard on either side, it’s hard not to be captivated by this place.

2. Ba Trai Dao Beach

Enjoying Ba Trai Dao

Sitting 22km away from the tourist wharf, Ba Trai Dao belongs to Halong’s less-visited neighbour, Lan Ha Bay.

The beach is nestled into a nook of Ba Trai Dao Island, and is sheltered away from the weather, as well as the crowds.

Sometimes referred to as “Three Peaches Beach”, because of the ‘peach-like’ appearance of the surrounding rock formations, Ba Trai Dao Beach is laden in ancient folklore.

The soft white sand on Bai Trai Dao Beach will all but disappear at high tide, however, so visitors should be aware that the beach is only accessible at certain hours of the day (your cruise director will be able to advise you on the tide patterns).

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3. Ti Top Beach

Titop Beach

Ti Top Beach is a popular favourite amongst beach lovers, thanks to its convenient location on Ti Top Island – which is a destination included in quite a lot of cruise itineraries visiting beaches in Halong Bay.

Tip Top Beach and Island was named by President Ho Chi Minh after Gherman Stepanovich Titov, Russian cosmonaut, after his visit to Halong Bay in 1962.

The Beach Ti Top itself isn’t so big, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in quality- the soft sand, turquoise blue waters, and clean environment are the main contributing factors.

While on Titop Island, visitors can also enjoy hiking up the vantage point in the centre of the island and check out the blockbuster views of Halong Bay from above.

The crescent-shaped beach is truly one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. The area is also extremely popular for beach activities, swimming and snorkeling.

Titop caught your fancy? Here are all Titop’s hidden secrets and legends!

4. Quan Lan Beach

Quan Lan Beach

Do you love swimming, camping and getting away from hectic city life? Quan Lan Beach is the best Halong Bay beach for you, it is found on Quan Lan Island in Bai Tu Long, 55 km away from Halong Bay City. Quan Lan Beach’s pristine beauty exemplifies the majestic wilderness of the area.

The heavenly beach stretches along the coast of Quan Lan Island, with fine white sand, blue waters and peaceful space.

Lose yourself in paradise on Quan Lan Beach. You can stay here overnight in hotels and hostels, There is also a small camping site on the beach where visitors can camp overnight. You can walk through the dense casuarina forest to immerse yourself in the fresh and natural landscape.

Quan Lan Beach is one of the few beaches in Halong Bay that retains its unspoiled beauty.

5. Minh Chau Beach

Minh Chau Beach

Minh Chau Beach is a beautiful beach that is an ideal spot for beach travel enthusiasts. It is famously known as the “No Footprints beach” because the white powdery sand here does not stick to your foot.

Minh Chau Beach is considered one of the most splendid and pristine beaches in Halong Bay.

Situated about 15km from Quan Lan Beach, it is a great spot for people seeking to immerse in the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere.

Some visitors opt to camp on the beach overnight, which can be a magical experience.

6. Tuan Chau Beach

Tuan Chau Beach

Tuan Chau beach is known as one of the most gorgeous beaches in Halong Bay. It is a sandy artificial beach that stretches over 3 km, besides swimming, tourists can enjoy such fascinating extras as sightseeing, entertainment, and sports activities, including climbing, wave surfing or camping in the eco-tourism zone.

Tuan Chau Beach lures both domestic and foreign tourists. It is especially crowded during weekends and holidays in the summertime, from May to August.

The backdrop of Tuan Chau beach consists of pine tree forests, creating a very picturesque location for photographers and nature lovers.

There is only one accommodation option here, the Tuan Chau Island Resort, where some tourists decide to stay a night or two.

7. Soi Sim Beach

Soi Sim Beach

The hidden gem of Soi Sim Beach Soi Sim Island gets its name from the ubiquitous plant that can be found on the island and is another must visit beach attraction in Halong Bay.

Covering an area of 8.7 hectares, and with hills to a height of 200 metres, Soi Sim Beach is a popular destination on cruise itineraries.

Soi Sim Beach appeals to tourists by its green colour of plants, wild scene, quiet atmosphere and clear emerald water that are perfect for snorkelling. Moreover, you can also enjoy a panoramic view of the UNESCO Heritage Site from the highest peak of the island.

Wedding cruises and ceremonies can also be arranged at these beautiful beaches.

8. Ngoc Vung Beach

Ngoc Vung Beach

Ngoc Vung Beach, Halong Bay is popularly known as the ‘Gem Island’. The beach is found on Ngoc Vung island is situated in the Van Don district, Ha Long Bay.

To the south of Ngoc Vung island is the three-kilometer-long white sand beach stretch of Ngoc Vung beach sparkling in the sunlight. Visitors can sunbathe, swim and enjoy the idyllic surroundings or take the opportunity to cycle away from the beach and around the island.

Ngoc Vung Beach is one of the offshore beaches which is still kept pristine and unspoiled.

9. Tra Co Beach

Tra Co Beach

Cruise ships are unable to navigate some of the narrow channels that cut between some islets, which is why taking out a kayak or canoe is one of the best things to do in Halong Bay.

One of the most beautiful places to boat would be at Tra Co Beach.

Tra Co Beach is famed for its smooth white sand and emerald blue waters. The island also boasts jungles and mountains for hiking and rock climbing.

After a day of activities, be sure to dine of the fresh seafood on offer!

10. Bai Chay Beach

Bai Chay Beach

A gem amongst many beautiful beaches, Bai Chay beach is becoming a popular tourist site.

There are many restaurants, bars, traditional theatres and the popular Hoang Gia Park for entertainment.

Tourists can enjoy many water sports here like water skiing, sea motorcycling, snorkelling, scuba diving among others.

There are many large hotels and villas nestled among pine trees in Bai Chay beach where travellers can relax for a night or two.

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