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Halong Bay Weather in January

The Halong Bay weather in January brings with it cooler air temperatures, virtually no rainfall, and warm water temperatures that are perfect for swimming or kayaking.

Let’s now got into a little more detail about what you can expect from the Halong Bay weather in January in terms of sunlight, temperature, humidity, and rainfall. We’ll also share with you some top tips for traveling in Halong Bay at this time of year. For further information on the annual weather patterns, check out our previous post on Halong Bay weather throughout the year.

What to Expect from Halong Bay Weather in January


Just because it’s the middle of winter doesn’t mean you’re going to need to go out wearing gloves and hats. The favourable Halong Bay weather in January means you can expect to get some summer sun.

Average monthly temperatures are 17 degrees Celsius, which represents a big drop from September/October, but is still warm enough to enjoy spending time outdoors. Visitors can expect highs of 20 degrees, and lows of 14.


The Halong Bay weather in January brings with it seven hours of sunshine each day, which is the second highest of the year along with February, July, September and October.


Visitors to Halong Bay in January will enjoy some of the lowest humidity levels of the year at 65%. The average annual humidity levels are as high as 90%, so this represents a welcome change.

The low humidity levels make for ideal conditions if you fancy getting outdoors and exploring some of Halong Bay’s countless islands, beaches, caves, and grottoes.


With just 3mm of rain falling over an average of 10 days, the Halong Bay weather in January makes this the driest month of the year. This is a significant difference when compared with December (23mm over 7 days) or even February (22mm falling over an average of 11 days).

Take a look for summarizing:

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Pros and Cons of Visiting Halong Bay in January


  • The cooler temperatures that come with the Halong Bay weather in January are ideal for getting active and exploring the surrounding areas. It’s still warm enough to enjoy spending time outdoors and not be cold.
  • The lack of rainfall means that your booking reservation will be extremely reliable and it is highly unlikely your trip would be called off because of weather factors.
  • The dry weather and lack of humidity are perfect conditions for going outside and enjoying the caves, grottoes, beaches, and countless islands.


  • The favourable Halong Bay weather in January means that a lot of tourists will be taking advantage of the conditions, so you can expect a lot more visitors than usual.
  • You may experience some chilly days when the temperature drops.

Top Tips for Travelers in Halong Bay in January

  • If you’re wondering what to pack: you should definitely bring some warmer clothes with you at this time of year. You might not end up needing them but better to be safe than sorry.
  • Just because the air temperature feels cooler does not mean the sun’s rays are not strong; remember to pack sunscreen to avoid getting burned.
  • With an average sea temperature of 29 degrees, it makes for the perfect conditions to jump into the Halong Bay waters or grab a kayak and go exploring some of the harder to reach caves and beaches.

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