6 Best Luxury Halong Bay Cruise: Explore The Wonders Of Ha Long

Welcome to Halong Bay! Here you can enjoy awesome evergreen karsts, fishing villages, pearl farm stations, rocks, and hills rising up out of the sea. Fishermen take boats to and from fishing villages daily, working within the impressive sights of limestone karsts and crystallized underwater caves.

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its unique rock formations, beautiful floral arrangements, and diverse wildlife are woven between the bay’s blue sky, sunshine, and crystal-clear sea. Halong Bay has so much to see across a vast stretch of water.

Villagers around the bay will tell stories. One legend is of dragons who once built and defended the place. Some will handcraft delicate goods for you. Others will take you on a personalized water trek. Others may cook you lunch at their home. All can be experienced here.

So, how can we see it? Well, the fishing boats are too small for you and the catch! Taking your own boat is a bit dangerous, and you need a license. No worries, we’ll show you a few cruises perfect for your time in Halong Bay!

We’ll look at the best Halong Bay Cruises. All Halong Bay cruises allow you to indulge in luxury while discovering new lands. Each Halong Bay Cruise has its own features, with benefits, and each provides a distinct Halong Bay itinerary.

6 Best Luxury Ha Long Bay Cruises

best luxury cruises in halong bay Paradise Peak
Best luxury Halong Bay cruise

There is a luxury Halong Bay Cruise for everyone.

The route of the luxury Halong Bay cruise can be through other beautiful bays as well, like Lan Ha Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, or some islands like Cat Ba island and Titop island, plus some of the best caves like Sung Sot cave, Thien Cung cave, and the Dark and Light cave.

Let us help you choose the best luxury Halong bay cruise!

1. Au Co Cruise

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Au Co Cruise Halong Bay

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The steel-hulled Au Co, one of Halong’s most beautiful ships, provides smooth cruising across Halong bay and Lan Ha bay. Visit secluded beaches, forested islands, and beautiful sea lakes while retracing the steps of colonial-era explorers aboard this 32-cabin ship.

The twin cruise ships were completely renovated in early 2020, giving a beautiful contemporary feel to the ancient Vietnamese legend on which the ships are based. Returning customers will appreciate the Au Co’s refined ambiance and wonderful renovations. The spacious cabins have been updated with a modern Asian flair, with decor features that portray the love story of Princess Au Co and her Dragon Lord of the Sea.

luxury halong bay cruise
Au Co Sundeck

The cruise company is the only one in Halong Bay that offers an exclusive three-day, two-night cruise that takes in all critical bays, including Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay, and the pristine Cat Ba Island.

Regardless of which cabin you select, you can expect an interesting trip from the Au Co’s crew, who are knowledgeable and helpful. Prepare to indulge in the onboard luxury amenities while taking in the true splendor of Halong Bay in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

The timber floors and private balcony create a relaxing environment where you may enjoy the sun and fresh air. Au Co is undoubtedly the greatest choice for an upper-end cruise in Halong Bay.

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2. Paradise Elegance Cruise

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Paradise Elegance Cruise Halong Bay

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The Paradise Elegance is a skillfully crafted steel boat that revolutionized Halong Bay’s luxury cruising. It is a sleek, modern vessel that mixes contemporary styling with Vietnamese design concepts.

It offers a two-night itinerary with luxurious rooms and private settings. It tours the Bay at night. All rooms come with air-conditioning and a private bathroom. Each room is bespoke, with some offering bespoke terraces and walk-in closets.

luxury halong bay cruise
Paradise Elegance

Take a vacation on a luxury cruise in Halong Bay should be in your bucket list @ Paradise Cruise Website

The cruise has butlers onboard to personalize service to your requirements. Spa treatments on this luxury Halong Bay cruise are the perfect way to unwind after a long day of discovering caves and islets around the area.

As expected, the one-day trip will offer luxury, activities, and discovery. You stop at Sung Sot Cave and experience activities such as kayaking and drinks on the deck at sunset.

Sung Sot Cave
Sung Sot Cave

On the three-day Elegance Cruise, you get far more luxury. You dine at Le Marin restaurant, experiencing a range of delicious cuisines cooked fresh for you.

Early morning Tai Chi helps to arouse the senses, ready to venture out. The best luxury works with natural landscapes at times. Enjoying a beautiful sunset at the Piano Bar is also one of the most popular activities on this luxury cruise!

Paradise, a luxury Halong Bay cruise is a work of art, the experience exquisite, the journey flawless.

3. Jasmine Cruise

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Jasmine Cruise Halong Bay

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Jasmine is arguably one of the most elegant, classic junk-styled ships cruising Halong Bay.

Despite its traditional appearance, the luxury Halong Bay cruise’s interior retains a subtle ambiance of modern-day luxury. Jasmine Cruise Halong can accommodate 46 passengers across four luxurious decks and is 55 meters long from bow to stern and 11 meters wide.

The delectable continental-style breakfast, informal leisurely lunches, and lavish dinners served with the utmost attention to detail, presentation, and service may delight your visit to Jasmine restaurant. The restaurant serves authentic Vietnamese cuisine, international cuisine, and fine wines.

luxury halong bay cruise
Jasmine Facilities

Passengers who visit Halong bay may have a fair amount of options with 23 well-appointed cabins, including 2 Suites on the upper deck with a balcony and jacuzzi, 9 deluxe cabins with private balconies, and 13 superior cabins on the main deck.

Full-board meals, including a BBQ dinner, are available at the on-site restaurant, which serves a variety of local seafood and grilled Western cuisine. In addition to the restaurant, there is a seating area and a bar lounge where guests can relax and enjoy a glass of wine.

The cruise will explore Halong bay and various islands and beaches for guests to enjoy hiking, swimming, or kayaking. There is also a massage room, sundeck lounge chairs for guests to relax on, and a 24-hour reception. Cooking classes, Tai Chi lessons on the sun deck, and night squid fishing are also available. Airport transportation can be arranged for an additional fee.

Jasmine’s understated elegance and deep-rooted flair of ancient wooden junk are perfect for travelers seeking a laissez-faire venture.

4. Paradise Peak Cruise

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Paradise Peak Cruise Halong Bay

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Paradise Peak Cruise is like heaven on a ship. The name represents the boat’s cozy and opulent atmosphere. It puts you into a dream. This is considered amongst the best Halong luxury cruise liners in Halong Bay and one of the most luxurious cruises.

Each room allows one to be spoilt. The Junior Suite has a private dining area! Imagine dining exclusively while gliding along this amazing UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is what the luxury Halong Bay Cruise is for, right?

The rooms are 5 stars in every way. There’s a great view. Facilities include a walk-in shower, a safe, and a minibar. Some rooms have a balcony. Other rooms have a jacuzzi. Each room has a distinct layout. All rooms are showered with luxury.

Eight incredible rooms get reserved well in advance. These suites are palatial and offer the ultimate way to pamper yourself in a room while visiting Halong Bay.

The cruise offers a variety of activities to do throughout the day and evening. Tai Chi takes place on the deck early morning. This is a wonderful time to see Halong Bay.

Even more wonderful is having a library and lounge area to relax when the sun becomes too invasive. This is one luxury Halong Bay cruise to consider if you want the utmost luxury.

5. Pelican Cruise

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Pelican Cruise Halong Bay

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Pelican Cruises has worked hard to perfect its luxury line for new experiences in Halong Bay with an upgraded level of premium cruising services, believing that “4-star” can take many forms. The cruise ships discovered a unique route, a sailing pioneer to discover Halong Bay – Lan Ha Bay.

Elegant Pelican Cruise Concept with high-end amenities. Each Pelican Cruise adheres to luxury standards, with 22 well-appointed cabins, a luxury bar and restaurant, and a spacious sundeck.

In terms of accommodation, each cabin on the Pelican cruise has been designed to meet various needs. Each cabin has a large bow window, a private balcony, a wooden floor, and handcrafted furniture. Each cabin has modern amenities such as Wi-Fi, air conditioning, an in-house phone, a private bathroom, and a hot and cold shower.

Pelican is one of the few Halong Bay cruises fully equipped with sonars, radars, modern facilities, and advanced services. This is one of the most secure luxury Halong Bay cruises in which passengers can put their trust.

6. Indochina Sails

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Indochina Sails Cruise Halong Bay

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Indochina Sails is a leading cruise line in Vietnam’s Huong Hai Tourism Group. Its mission revolves around providing guests with an unforgettable experience, from their bedroom furnishings to staff service.

This traditionally built, custom-designed cruise boat stands out for its attentive service and spacious and well-appointed cabins, divided into four classes for passenger convenience: Superior, Deluxe, Suite, and President Suite.

Indochina Sails has developed a floating hospitality service that is unparalleled in most aspects, based on over 20 years of experience hosting guests on the waters of Ha Long Bay. The dedicated teams know Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay like the back of their hands, allowing customers to experience what these places offer.

Oversized windows in air-conditioned cabins provide views of the bay. Each room has a mini-bar, a wardrobe, and classic wood furnishings. Massage showers, a hairdryer, and free toiletries are provided in the private bathroom. Slippers and bathrobes are available as extras.

The itineraries are designed to maximize your holiday experience and enjoyment; daytime excursions include visits to the bay’s largest floating fishing village and an island with swimming and a climb to the best panoramic view of the bay. In addition to traditional activities such as kayaking, Tai Chi, and cooking classes, guests will have the opportunity to visit “Sung Sot” or “Surprise Cave,” two of the bay’s largest and most spectacular caves. To enhance the cruise experience, an onboard massage service is also available.

Indochina Sails has undoubtedly made a name for itself in the boat selection at Halong Bay.

That concludes our list of the best Halong Bay Cruises. However here are two more amazing cruises that didn’t make it on the list: Dragon Legend Cruise, and Heritage cruise.

What Makes The Luxury Halong Bay Cruise?

The cabins and facilities

Choose the Best Halong Bay Cruise Cabin | Halong Hub

We looked at the best Halong Bay Cruises in 2023. There are plenty of rooms available on these luxury Halong Bay cruise liners. All are endowed with luxury and the finest service available. Most also offer a transfer to and from Hanoi – check with your sales representative for these opportunities!

All offer fine dining to cater to different tastes. All have a sun deck to see the spectacular naturally formed sights. Most have an outdoor jacuzzi or pool. Each room and cruise gives its own impression of Halong Bay. The rooms have incredible treats to enjoy while cruising, such as robes, slippers, and a mini-bar.

Carefully Researched Itinerary And Routes

Lan Ha Bay | Copyright: Stratospheric Ideas

All cruises provide various itineraries. Most will tour the familiar, well-sailed waves. They will stop at the famous places around Lan Ha Bay and Halong Bay. Stops at Cat Ba Island regularly happen. Kayaking is a regular part of any itinerary.

If coming to Halong for the first time, what do you want to see? Do you want to see the famous spots or go a little further?

Off-The-Beaten-Track Destinations

Some cruises go a little further. You can visit fishing villages and pearl farm spots on extended journeys. These are places not frequented by as many visitors. People can check out Bai Tu Long Bay. It’s a bit further from Cat Ba Island and Halong Bay, but the adventure is very rewarding.

You can see local life around Bai Tu Long Bay, as it was before mass tourism hit Halong Bay. There is a choice. Some first-timers to Halong Bay prefer to see the main sites. Others who visit again look for areas they haven’t seen before.

top best luxury cruises in halong bay

Beautiful luxury cruises in Halong Bay @ Amy Rollo / Unsplash

Personal Preferences

Some like a night cruise. Some want their rooms to be comfortable and to get a few photos. Some tourists want luxurious rooms and an outdoor jacuzzi, whereas others want to see as much Halong Bay as possible.

Whether it’s emperor quality rooms or an itinerary to boost your photo collection, all tours offer something to suit your needs. We can recommend cruises to suit certain groups. Unfortunately, we can’t make an itinerary for you.


Halong Hub can help you discover the world’s most magnificent bay with tons of information, from things to do, where to stay to the best beaches.

To make your cruise even more relaxing, almost all cruises offer transport to and from Hanoi (Explore airport options).

To not get overloaded, contact us so that we, the experts, can guide you directly. Let’s cruise Halong bay in style and start planning a trip to remember!