How to Find the Best Halong Bay Family Cruises

Finding the best Halong Bay Cruises for families can be a daunting task, especially for those who have never visited Northern Vietnam. Halong Bay is an UNESCO World Heritage site and can be enjoyed by travelers of all ages, but it is precisely for that reason that all the cruise options can be overwhelming. After all, there are so many of them that explore Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay, and Bai Tu Long Bay. And pinpointing Halong Bay cruises with all the amenities families need – family cabins with adjoining rooms, a pool with a large shallow area, and kid-friendly onboard activities – is even more difficult. Luckily, we’re here to make that problem go away.

halong bay cruise with children
Overview Halong Bay

Thanks to the “quality over quantity” catalog of Halong Bay cruises we offer, you can be sure to find something to suit the specific needs and desires of each of your family members. All of the cruises outlined below have discounted policies for families cruising Halong with children. Kids under 4 stay for free and those from 4-12 get a discounted children’s cruise ticket price (extra beds and family cabins are usually available too, if you ask). Plus, the activities and itineraries on the Halong Bay cruise packages are appealing to all ages.

Whether you are planning to travel in a big family group, with children or elderly members, finding the best Halong Bay family cruise for your family doesn’t need to be a difficult task as long as you know your options.

Halong Bay Family Cruise Options

Here are our picks for the 9 best Halong Bay cruise options for families visiting the area for the first time:

Glory Legend Cruise

halong bay family cruises
Glory Legend Cruise on Halong Bay ©Glory Legend Cruise

The Glory Legend Cruise is a brilliant Halong Bay option for families. You will have the choice to stay on board for either 2 or 3 days, which is the recommended cruise duration if you want to enjoy the journey without feeling rushed.

This Halong Bay family cruise offers tons of workshops and activities both onboard and offboard, including:

  • Ceramics workshops
  • Tai Chi
  • Making fresh Vietnamese spring rolls (an easy recipe kids can make)
  • Evening squid fishing
  • Kayaking

In short, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Cabin sizes go up to 28sq meters, a cozy amount of space for 4 adults and a child.

Avg per person

Glory Legend Cruise Halong Bay

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Mon Cheri Cruise

MonCherry 6
Mon Cheri Cruise on Halong Bay ©Mon Cheri Cruise

The Mon Cheri Cruise is a slightly more upscale options for families. The rooms on board are a bit larger, going all the way up to a whopping 90m2. And the dark wooden interior of the ship gives off an air of sophistication that couples and older guests will especially appreciate. The ship has 5 decks, too, meaning that it offers an even better view of the surrounding seascape than most Halong Bay crusies.

All that being said, Mon Cheri is a great cruise for families. It only has 18 rooms aboard, and many of them are adjoining. The small size makes for a nice familial atmosphere, especially if your family books 2 or 3 rooms. And then there’s the small jacuzzi-style swimming pool on the deck, which is a perfect size for the family-friendly cruise and offers the best poolside view you’re likely to encounter anywhere in the world.

The activities offered on the Mon Cheri Cruise include:

  • A Vietnamese cooking class run by a professional chef
  • A full-service spa that caters to kids and adults
  • Squid fishing at night (with with your trophies served to you the next day)
  • Party on board – musical entertainment and movies. This is a favorite for older children and young adults
  • A sunrise class of the ancient martial art of Tai Chi
  • A traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony
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Mon Cheri Cruise Lan Ha Bay

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Stellar of the Seas Luxury Cruise

halong bay family cruises
Stellar os The Seas ©Stellar of The Seas

Elite of the Seas is our most luxurious luxurious cruise option aimed at families… and our most expensive. You definitely get what you pay for, though: the decadence and elegance of the cruise is something to behold.

Each of the 22 guest rooms onboard has a panoramic picture window and a private terrace along with a free-standing bathtub. The dinners are prepared by a master chef and served in an opulent dining room that you’d expect to see in a five-star hotel. And there’s even a wine cellar where you can lounge and enjoy a few drinks while you bond with your loved ones. The elegant feel of this cruise might is perfect for older families (for example, adults and their parents) who can fully appreciate luxury at sea.

The cruise is also equipped for fun: it has a mini golf course onboard, and the onboard activities like squid fishing and poolside barbecue parties make for a warm and festive vibe.

Avg per person

Stellar of the Seas Cruise Lan Ha Bay

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Renea Cruise on Bai Tu Long Bay

renea overview 1
Renea Cruise ©Renea Cruise

Renea Cruise takes visitors to Bai Tu Long Bay, the less crowded but equally beautiful neighbor of Halong Bay. The more secluded, untouched environment of Bai Tu Long Bay make Renea a great choice for families seeking adventurous experiences in a rustic setting. Read our guide on the difference between Halong, Lan Ha, and Bai Tu Long Bays.

One of the most distinctive features of Renea’s cruise ship, especially where families are concerned, are its cabins: it only has 12 of them, and some of them are double rooms with doors adjoining them to larger cabins. Others are triple rooms that contain both a larger bed for a couple and a smaller bed for a child. Both options are ideal accommodations for families. And the small number of cabins onboard makes for a cozy atmosphere.

The cruise ship has 3 decks and is smaller than most of the cruise options on Halong Bay, but it still offers all of the fun and family-friendly activities Halong Hub is known for, including:

  • A Vietnamese cooking class run by a top-class chef.
  • Watching wonderful sunsets over the Gulf of Tonkin.
  • Traditional Vietnamese food prepared and served by professional and local chefs.
  • Musical entertainment and movies.
  • Go squid fishing at night and enjoy your catch prepared by the onboard chefs.
  • An invigorating Tai Chi class at sunrise.
  • A fully stocked wine bar wine cocktails and beers for the adults, plus sodas and mocktails for the kids.
Avg per person

Renea Cruise Bai Tu Long Bay

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Peony Cruise

halong bay family cruises
Peony Cruise ©Peony Cruise

The Peony Cruise is perfect for families seeking a truly tropical experience. Every part of the ship is decked out with tropical wood paneling and exotic Vietnamese marble, giving it a very naturalistic feel. It’s no wonder that the cruise is named after the peony, one of the most culturally significant flowers of Vietnam.

Another distinctive feature of the Peony Cruise ship is its inclusion of Family Premium Deluxe Cabins, 50m2 rooms with a nice open floor plan, your choice of either 2 double beds or 4 single beds, and a private sun terrace. They also include the private bathroom with bathtub and shower, full-size ocean view, and gorgeous wood trimmings (including a hardwood floor) that all 20 rooms onboard have.

There’s live music and other onboard entertainment that guests of all ages can enjoy together in addition to family-friendly activities like squid fishing and cooking classes that focus on simple but traditional Vietnamese recipes.

Avg per person

Peony Cruise Lan Ha Bay

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Aclass Legend Luxury Cruise

Aclass Legend Luxury Cruise ©Aclass Legend Luxury Cruise

For families looking for another more luxurious cruise on Halong Bay, Aclass Legend Cruise Halong offers top of the line service in the comfort of a modern, stylish cruise ship. The ambiance on board is closer to that of a five star hotel than a cruising vessel, and the buffet dinner and cocktails on board the top deck match the same calibre. Rest assured this cruise is very much family-friendly, with connecting cabin options available so your family can cruise Halong together.

Avg per person

Aclass Legend Cruise Halong Bay

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Pelican Cruise

pelican cruise 10
Pelican Cruise ©Pelican Cruise

The Pelican Cruise Halong Bay offers a wonderful choice of amenities in a comfortable environment; a perfect Halong Bay family cruise option. All cabins are big enough to accommodate at least 2 adults and a child, but if your family is on the bigger side there are larger cabin sizes that you could book depending on your needs. At 36sq meters, the Family Deluxe Cabin is big enough for 4 adults and a child (and extra beds are usually available if you ask).

The rooms, much like the rest of the ship, are tastefully decorated, and many cabins come with private balconies. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s not one but two viewing decks, so you can make the most of the incredible beauty of the world famous Halong Bay.

Avg per person

Pelican Cruise Halong Bay

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Signature Cruise

halong bay family cruises
Signature Cruise ©Signature Cruise

Signature Cruise Halong boasts one of the largest cruise ships of all the Halong Bay family cruise options, yet only accommodates 40 at a time meaning plenty of space for your whole family onboard. This cruise offers the widest range of cabin options, including our highly recommended ‘Elite Family Suite’ which can hold 4 adults and 2 children.

Activities-wise, the highlight has got to be the squid fishing- a great chance to learn some traditional Vietnamese techniques and have some fun while you’re at it. Be sure to check out the top deck, too; it’s the best place for your family to get the full panoramic views of Halong Bay.

Avg per person

Signature Cruise Bai Tu Long Bay

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Orchid Cruise Halong

orchid classic overview
Orchid Cruise ©Orchid Cruise

The Orchid Cruise Halong offers the largest and most spacious family cabin of all of our winning Halong Bay family cruises. ‘The Family Suite – Balcony’ comes in at 72sq meters, which is more than enough space for 4 adults and 1 child, and there’s room for extra beds if your family needs it. It’s the perfect way to experience the Halong Bay adventure together.

Avg per person

Orchid Classic Cruise Lan Ha Bay

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Tips Before Your Halong Bay Family Cruises

Here are our top tips to keep in mind when preparing for your Halong Bay cruise.

Packing for Halong Bay

  • Pack light! Your family will only be cruising Halong for a couple of days, so if you can, leave the majority of your luggage in Hanoi.
  • We recommend bringing a life vest for young kids, and they should wear it when they are on the top deck or anywhere near an opening to the water. The boats will provide life vests for older kids or adults, but they probably won’t stock small sizes for infants.
  • Bring your own insect repellent, mosquitos love the warm damp climate here.
  • Bring plenty of sunscreen! There’s not much shade out in the middle of Halong Bay.
  • Bottled water can be expensive on board, consider bringing your own.
  • Don’t forget your personal documents: passport, copies of your visa, etc.

Dietary Requirements on Your Halong Bay Cruise

Special requirements and tastes can be catered for onboard, including:

  • Kid-friendly menus.
  • Vegetarian options.
  • Seafood-free options.
  • Other food allergy options, such as gluten-free.

It’s always a good idea to let the kitchen staff know about your dietary requirements before your tour so they can be sure to have the proper ingredients on board when they set sail! Alternately, feel free to contact Halong Hub when making your booking and we’ll pass the info along.

Halong Bay Weather

  • May-October will be quite warm, so pack for summer.
  • October-May can see temperatures dropping quite a bit, so bring something warm to wear in the evening.

The time of year you visit Halong Bay can obviously make or break your trip, so take a few minutes to read our more detailed guide on Halong Bay weather.

Research Other Famous Attractions Near Halong Bay

After you finish your Halong Bay cruise, there are tons of other family-friendly attractions in the area that you can visit before moving onto another part of Vietnam! Some of the most popular attractions for families near Halong Bay are:

lan ha bay vs halong bay
Halong Bay ©The South Wind

Read up on more fun activities near Halong Bay!

How to Get to Halong Bay

There are lots of ways to get from Hanoi to Halong Bay, including private car, shuttle bus, train, motorbike, or even sea plane! Check out our detailed guide from a full rundown of Hanoi-Halong transportation options.

Cruises in Halong Bay Are Perfect Family Activities in Vietnam

The best family trips create experiences that you and your loved ones will remember spending together for the rest of your lives. And it just so happens that visiting Halong Bay, dubbed one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, is a great backdrop to create that kind of memory.

We hope you choose one of the family cruises outlined above and follow our tips for family cruise experiences on Halong Bay. There’s nothing we love more than helping families grow closer together and enjoy the wonders of this stunning area on board our Halong Bay cruises.

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